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Feeling Inspired!

I’ve been in a rut lately.  Running three blogs, a full time job, a full time job that’s not paid writing about wine, and life just have a way of bogging you down.  But I’m back!  And I’m feeling inspired.  After reading a friend’s blog post about how she creates a weekly beauty basket, I am following suit.  I am still working on my Project Ten 10, but I’ve changed it up a bit.

Typically, the night before or in the morning before I pop in the shower, I pull some things that I haven’t used in a while and put them out.   If I’m very good, I’ll have a bunch of stuff lined up for the week.  Mindy does a better job of this and I’m going to make a special effort to get my Beauty Box ready every Sunday night.  What will be in it?

  • Project 10 pan items
  • New items
  • neglected items

So this week, what I’m going to put in my box:

  • MAC BB Cream.  Now I LOVE my Smashbox BB cream, and have been using it most days, but I found the MAC BB Cream at CCO for a lower price so I nabbed it.  For those that don’t know, CCO is Cosmetics Company Store and they stock items from Estee Lauder owned companies.  This includes Bobbi Brown (whooo!), MAC, Clinique, Estee of course, and now Smashbox – as well as a few other brands.  The best part is that my CCO has recently started carrying the Smashbox, and typically there are QVC kits that sold out or went to final quantities.  In retail, if you have less than minimum stock (often 100 kits or so) then you job them off to mass retails and discount stores.  You see this with the BE outlet stores a lot.  There are several CCOs around the country, and you can find them by looking at your local Premium Outlet mall.
  • Shadows sticks – I have a ton of shadow sticks and I really don’t use them.  Right now, I have 3-4 from Mally, all the Tarte sticksf rom the holiday kit, as well as the Mally, Tarte and Smashbox shadow liners.  I want to play with these more.
  • Mally Face Defender blushes & highlighters – I just got a new kit, and need to use these more.

What is in your weekly Beauty Box?
Special thanks to Mindy Smith for her inspiration from Health, Beauty, and Sunshiune!


There is nothing like Christmas in the middle of the year, and when I shop the Bare Escentuals outlets, it definitely feels like Santa has come.

For today’s look, I wore Christmas Past (2009), otherwise known as The Surprise Kit.

This $54 kit (which I got at the outlet for $24, yay!) contains 9 full size items:

  • Secret Radiance AOFC
  • Spellbound Eyeshadow, infused with Hematite
  • Surreal Eyeshadow, infused with Hematite
  • Suspense Liner Shadow, infused with Hematite
  • Intrigue Blush, infused with Hematite
  • Doubled ended 100% natural lipgloss in Brilliance & Angel Food Cake
  • Soft Sweep Cheek Brush
  • Tapered Crease Defining Brush
  • Line Diffuser Brush

All of this goodness is in a pretty hard box, which is great for storage.

The infusion of Hematite adds sparkle and sheen without being over the top glittery and is a special treat for a holiday collection.

Today, I started with Benefit Primed & Poreless, one of my two go two primers right now.  I followed this with Benefit Bo-ing concealer.  On top of that was Josie Maran Argan Oil Matchmatcher foundation, a light coverage but highly moisturizing color shifting foundation.  I then primed my eyes with Two Faced Shadow Insurance.

Next, I used Secret Radiance to add a glow on my cheeks, forehead, and over the bridge of my nose.

I swept Spellbound, a whispery pink, lash to brow – patting more on the lid.

I followed with Surreal, a champagne bronze, patted over the lid.

Finally, I used the pointed liner brush in the Eyelining Tutorial kit instead of the diffuser brush, because it works better for me.  I applied the Suspense Liner Shadow, which I deepened with Frills (from the Beyond Gorgeous Kit).

Finally, I applied MAC mascara, because well – I’m obsessed with it right now.

I really love the Surprise Kit right now because you can go from soft to smoldering, from demure to damsel.  This kit is sold out everywhere (though outlets might still have a few) but there are singles available as well as full kits on ebay.

I hop you like it too!


Contents value – 5 stars.  This is a ridiculous deal at $54, but even better at $24.  It’s basically like paying for two eyeshadows and getting the rest for free.

Shadows – 5 stars.  It’s BE after all, and they are full size.  The Hematite infusion is just beautiful.

Radiance – 4 stars – this really doesn’t have color, which is great for a radiance.  I love the soft glow it gives, but I am disappointed that it doesn’t last longer on my skin.

Feeling TARTEy!

Today, I decided to go for an all (well, mostly) Tarte look, using the 8th Wonder of the World Collection from QVC.

  • Mally Poreless Perfection Primer
  • Monistat Anti Chafing Gel on the nose (hey!  It’s cheap and it’s a GREAT silicone primer!)  In fact, the active ingredient, Dimethicone, is the primary ingredient in most silicone based primers.  I swatched L’oreal, BE and Smashbox primers on my hand, along with Monistat.  They are ALL clear silicone primers and all function the same way, more or less.  I will say that the Mally primer is not the best for mineral makeup, but works wonders for cream powders or liquid makeup.  I find that the BE primers and also another fave, the Benefit Primed & Poreless work wonderfully for BE foundation.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light
  • UDPP in Eden
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot as base
  • Tarte Shimmering Sand patted on lid and sweeped over lid
  • Tarte Shimmering Plum in the outer 1/3 of eye
  • Tarte Shimming Cocoa in crease
  • Tarte Emphasize Eyes eyeliner in Golden Plum
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Glisten
  • Tarte Pure optic Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Golden Pink
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

This is definately a great collection, and I can’t wait for the next Auto Delivery in June!