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Sample Policy

Think Beautifully Everyday provides information for entertainment and educational purposes only. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.  I do my best to provide accurate information, and spend many hours researching and testing items for my own amusement.  I am not, however a makeup artist, dermatologist, or professional and my advice should never be considered as such.

The information on the blog may change without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up-to-date although I will do my best to keep up.

The content published on the blog is protected by Creative Commons, and any unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting or duplicating of any of the material is prohibited without my express written permission.

All editorial content is my own and never influenced by any other manufacturer, advertiser, or reader.  I do accept samples from manufacturers and product representatives and will do my utmost to review them i na timely fashion but I cannot promise to review them in a positive light or in a specific time frame.

If you have any questions, please contact me at thea at think beautifully everyday dot com


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