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A Vital new collection from IT Cosmetics!

It’s that time ladies!  Summer beauty has hit QVC like a time bomb.  The July insider has all sorts of kits and bits that you really need to check out!

The first one that nabbed my attention is the IT Cosmetics It Cosmetics 5-pc Vitality Color Collection.  You already know that I have a bit of an obsession with these products, as seen by my mad love here.  But this kit is fantastic!  I actually already have two tubes of concealer but how can you pass this up?

For $60 you get a jumbo size Bye Bye Undereye and the dual sided concealer brush. I don’t have this brush, so I’m really looking forward to this.  Right now, I use a soft focus eye brush from BE, which is very similar to the smaller side.  That alone really could be the best deal.  But, like every good ginsu knife commercial, you get so much more!  I waited and waited and waited for the Vitality Face Disc with the Jumbo Luxe Face Brush, and it finally came off of wiat list.  But, given that the face disc and brush was $48, this is clearly the winning combo.

Nab this kit while you can!  You can order NOW ONE TIME or AUTO DELIVERY, with a new kit shipping in 6 months with a different lippie.  If you prefer to wait until the air date on July 27th, you can order ONE TIME or AUTO DELIVERY.t now, in this kit, you get those items as well.  The Vitality Face Disc is a jumbo compact with a beautiful rosy blush, a peachy luminizer, and a matte bronzer.  If you have the My Sculpted Face kit, this is basically the three best parts of that kit with the amazing brsuh. I am such a fan of the IT brushes that I think I’d probably pay $60 for the ginormous face brush alone!  Yes well.  But — you also get the Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quoi.  I have reviewed the lippies before, and this color is my all time fave because even though it looks clear in the tube, it actually becomes the best shade of pink for every gal.

I should have this by Monday and I’ll be sure to review the face disc for you then!
Happy glossing!






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  2. edie says:

    Hi Thea! great, thorough info about the IT products. have never tried this brand, and have been intrigued about it especially the bye bye concealer! i will definitely try to pick this kit up on auto delivery! the brushes look amazing too!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Hi Edie! So glad you liked the review. You really would LOVE the IT products. The concealer is amazing, and this is a JUMBO size!

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