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A new power powder?


tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation

Another powder foundation?  Really?  Haven’t we already been here?  Well, I guess not, particularly not for Tarte.  The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation is the brand’s first ever full-coverage powder foundation enriched with Amazonian clay and gemstones.

According to the website, Why is it different: This finely milled powder offers eight hours of full coverage with a skin-balancing formula that delivers a natural-looking finish that won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles. The moisture-rich, weightless foundation buffs on smooth and allows your skin to breathe! Thanks to Amazonian clay and gemstones, the foundation reawakens and invigorates skin tone and texture for a more youthful-looking complexion.

I really wanted to like this product.  I really enjoy the Tarte Amazonian Clay products, and the AC foundation is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t like this one.  When I first applied it, I loved the way it looked.  I even liked it more than Bare Escentuals, which I have not been enjoying as my skin has changed as I get older.  Using the traditional technique of dab, tap, and buff, it initially looked flawless.

At first, it looked great.  It absorbed the excess oil on my nose, and looked great.  For a while.  but then…a few hours later, it started to look patchy and flakey.  By the end of the day, I had patches of powder, nad patches of uncovered skin.  YUCKO!

The brush was great, and the packaging was helpful, since just the right amount came out.  But, the wear just wasn’t there.  Having tried it with both primer and without, it just didn’t do it for me, so back it goes.

Grade:  D.  Disappointing.  For $44, I expect so much more and will spend my money on other brands for a loose product.

This one just didn’t make the cut.

My close up sir!


We all know that mascara can really make your eyes pop.  But do you look like a 1950s movie star?  Do you look like you just sprouted false eyelashes?

I’ve long been a fan of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes.  While I have to say Gifted nudged LCL out of the running for my holy grail, I am happy to say that the latest incarnation, Lights, Camera, FLASHES is back in the running as the best mascara ever!

Why?  This über black, über rich mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, illuminates, and conditions lashes and really gives them that va va voom factor.  My lashes are challenged.  With curly ques that make them curl back in on them selves, and all over, I struggle to find a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes, and also makes them look amazing.

Yay for Lights, Camera, Flashes!

This is a very different wand applicator, which is what Tarte claims is the unique factor in this product.  

Why is it different: This amped-up, ultra-rich black mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, illuminates, and conditions to take lashes to the extreme. tarte’s triple black complex fuses iron oxide and mineral pigments to visibly blacken lashes for a rich, jet-black, intensified look that gives the appearance of longer lashes. It also uniquely reflects light onto lashes, creating a luminous “flashes effect.” The custom-engineered, molded, 360-degree dual-flex mascara wand combines short and long bristles for even-coated, clump-free lashes.

With the dual ended applicator, it’s easy to create thick, full lashes with the dense, soft side.  Then ,flip over the wand and comb out your lashes with the longer, firm-flex bristles.  I also love the limited edition gold packaging!

This is currently a QVC exclusive, and is available for $23, but I got mine in the last TSV (which has the next installment is due soon!)

tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara

Image provided by Tarte

Verdict:  Love!  If you want thick, lush lashes, pick this beauty up.


Bronzed Beauty

This week, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger Diane Mary.  Diane is a makeup addict (arent’ we all?) from Staten Island, New York, and loves to try new things.  Her favorite brands are Tarte and Laura Geller, as well as IT Cosmetics and Mally.  Diane can be found under the YouTube handle CurlyWavyDiane.  Please check her out!

I don’t know about you, but personally I think bronzers are one of THE greatest inventions of all time! I’m naturally white as chalk and make Casper the Ghost look as if his skin has pigmentation. As soon as I learned what a bronzer was in my late teen years, I became hooked and haven’t been able to survive without it since! Some may like bronzing just in the summer, but for me it is a year round, 365 days a week thing.

I admit I do self tan as well (but that’s a whole different article) but the benefit to bronzers is that there is no commitment. It comes right off with cleanser and water so if you are unhappy with your results you lost nothing in the process.

Now, using a bronzer can go one of two ways- it can warm up your skin, making you look nice, healthy and tan without the harmless effects of the sun OR it can go bad and make you look orange, dirty and like a Jersey Shore cast off.  A quality bronzer makes a world of difference. They come in several formulas including powders, mousses, and liquids. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order) You can be crazy like me and use a mousse and liquid and then a powder on top of it (bronze-a-holic much? Guilty as charged.) but just using one formula at a time will also product nice golden results.

The traditional way to apply bronzer on the face is making a “3” on one side and an “E” on the other. This allows the bronzer to go on your face where the light would naturally hit it. Personally, I apply bronzer all over like another layer just so I am even and golden but play around and find what works for you!

Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil Since I started using Argan Oil, it’s changed my skin in the most wonderful way. I have combo, breakout prone skin and it’s cleared it up. But once I saw there was a bronzing version of this oil I jumped ! Though it is an oil it absorbs into the skin right away and leaves me looking  2 to 3 shades darker. It does have some sheen to it, so don’t be surprised. I like using this before foundation.

Laura Geller Air Whipped Bronzer Ok, this might very well be my holy grail bronzer. The bummer part is I recently found out it is being discontinued so if you are like me and LOVE this, run and buy them while you still can. Why is it so amazing? It has the most unique light as air mousse consistency. Feels like you are wearing nothing when you apply it, it just melts into your skin and it also provides a little coverage! There have been days I’ve gotten away with just wearing this and no foundation. I also love the fact this is hydrating and full of vitamins for the face. It comes in two colors for lighter and darker skin tones.

Laura Geller Tahitian Glow Body Frosting. I just brought this with me on a weekend trip and when I posted the pictures online, quite a few people asked me what I did since I was “glowing” This was my secret. It is a powder that started it’s life as a cream and it extremely versatile. You can use it dry with a brush or if you want darker color you can wet the puff it comes with. This bronzer can be used for the face and the body and will not rub off on clothes! What’s neat too is that it is multi colored so it is almost in a way customizable. This one also doubles as a beautiful eyeshadow.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Glow Anti Aging Matte Bronzer - I’ve been using this from a face disc on and off for months, so I was so happy to see it released in a press version on it’s own. The compact it comes in is HUGE!!! IT also has a loose powder matte bronzer which I have not tried, but I like things pressed because I find them neater and more travel friendly. This bronzer is completely matte. You won’t find a single piece of glitter, shimmer, sheen or sparkle. In a bronzer, that’s a good thing. It looks like your own skin and also can double as a contour powder. It doesn’t settle into lines or pores and makes my face look airbrushed. The bronzer is talc free and full of yummy healthy skin ingredients including collagen, peptides, vitamins A, C, E, silk and much more!

Tarte Cosmetics Globe Trekker Bronzer - When I first tried this, I thought it was too light for my skin but after using it a few times I actually think it is a perfect color. Though I wouldn’t mind this one being a bit darker, so that being said lighter complexions who are nervous to bronze should love this one. This is a creamy consistency, similar to the Laura Geller air whipped bronzer I mentioned earlier. The brand calls it “cream to powder” It reminds me of an under eye concealer. To me, it smells like microwave popcorn which is awesome. You can apply it with the brush it comes with or your fingers. I like using my fingers because I feel it warms the product up. This is another bronzer that has coverage and I can get away with wearing it without foundation. It includes one of tarte’s signature ingredients, Amazonian Clay which is “skin smart” and balance out your skin whether it is dry, oily or combination. And like all Tarte products, this one has nothing icky like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or SLS. It is matte with maybe the slightest amount of sheen. To me, It’s hardly noticeable

Tarte Rainforest glow maracuja waterproof body bronzer This is relatively new and sold out constantly on QVC. I’m so glad I managed to get one. Dubbed a “body bronzer” I also like this one on my face. It is another mousse consistency that comes out of a tube and again, has slight coverage (I see a pattern with bronzers I like. LOL) This is one I would also apply before foundation. It has Maracuja Oil in it which is said to help firm, brighten and make the skin nice naturally. Who doesn’t love makeup with skin care benefits? I have tried this one on my body as well and it didn’t get on my clothes. I can’t backup the waterproof claim since I didn’t get wet with it on until I got in the shower and washed it off with soap. This is perfect if you have to wear a skirt and realized you didn’t self tan. It can be applied last minute without streaks.

Laura Geller Spackle tinted under make-up primer in bronze Okay, this isn’t a true “bronzer” but a primer that is tinted bronze. Nonetheless, I love it. Since I am going to be using a makeup primer anyway, why not have one with bronze tint to help feed my hungry bronze-craving soul? This primer does help makeup stay on longer and the tint is a light bronze. My boyfriend actually uses this to even out his skin and likes it because it doesn’t look like there’s any makeup on. (Sorry I called you out babe)

Stila one step bronze- this applies the same way the spackle does. It is a primer with a bronzer built in and not only that but this one also includes an anti aging skin serum! Triple whammy!! It feels nice on the skin and brightens, bronzes and color corrects. I sincerely hope whoever invented this over at Stila got a nice raise or bonus for coming up with this thing! It’s genius.

Maybe you notice a pattern with the bronzers I like. I prefer them without any glitter or sparkle and like when they have anti aging, good skin benefiting ingredients in them. I hope I have encouraged you to give bronzing a try, even if it’s just for a special occasion!

Thank you to our guest blogger for this week for all these great ideas!  Stay tuned for more summer makeup tips!  Please check out Diane’s bronzer video as well!


Surprise!  Spring is nearly here.  Well, at least I keep pretending it is.  We finally got winter here in Northern California, and it’s cold and rainy.  But here is something to brighten your day beauties!

Tarte will have their next TSV on March 16th.  You can call it an early St. Patrick’s Day present.  In this kit, called Miracle of Maracuja, you will see old favorites and new tricks for your makeup bag.

You get:

  • Maracuja Oil – this is a personal fave.  I use it on my face, but also on my very dry winter skin.  it’ s oozing with Vitamin C so it’s a great anti oxidant and moisturizer.  This is a FULL SIZED product, so you really get the rest of the kit for free!
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara – while this was ousted by the Tarte Gifted Mascara as my holy grail, it’s still very high on my list of faves
  • Maracuja Creseless Waterproof Concealer – yes, we’re still stocked up from the Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kits.  It’s not my favorite for winter, because it’s a bit too dewy, but we’ll see how it holds up in warmer weather
  • Bamboo Blush Brush – this is different than the blush brush that comes with the Amazonian Clay blushes, and it can also be used as a great powder brush.
  • **NEW** Amazonian Clay Beauty in the Box Eyeshadow Quad – One of these boxes is already available at Sephora, and it looks like they are rehashing the Benefit trend.  Jury is still out but I will keep you posted.  This box has Cloud Pink, Silver Mist, Purple Fog, and Dark Ash.
  • **NEW*** Maracuja Lipgloss – we’ve seen these recently in a set on the Q, and this is a color exclusive to the kit.  These glosses match the colors of the cult fave blushes, and this first introduction is Peaceful.
  • **NEW** Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Eyeliner – I’m a fan of the Amazonian Clay liners, so I’m not sure I want a new one, but this is another black liner.  Realy, who can’t have enough black liners?
  • **NEW** Maracuja Airbrush Bouncy Blush – Ok I’m not clear on what the trend in bouncy facial products is, but this is another one, similar to Maybelline Dream Bounce Blush and the new Mally Face Defender Blush.    This is Shimmering Poppy and the color looks beautiful.  THe spring trend is for a POP of color on the cheeks,a n this certainly looks like it will do it.

Single Shipments are available NOW for Insiders, and will be available March16th for everyone else.
The Auto Delivery is available HERE, with kits shipping in July and November with seasonal shades.

I’ve ordered mine and since I just got my big fat payment from Ebates, I upped the shipping so I should get it by Friday.

Another day to glow!

If you’re like me, and you love kits, you can’t pass up an Auto Delivery option on QVC. Earlier this summer, I purchased the tarte Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kit from QVC (still available as a single kit here) and now we have some news on the next installment!

The October installment, pictured at right, will contain:

  • Maracuja Concealer (which will be sold on it’s own at QVC starting at the end of this month)
  • LipSurgence Lip Luster in Delighted, a warm peachy pink
  • Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Charisma, a golden apricot
  • Cream Shadow in Deep Sage
  • SmolderEyes Waterproof Amazonian Clay liner in Charcoal
  • Lights Camera Lashes
  • Double ended liner and shadow brush
  • finishing powder brush
  • Quilted Cosmetics Bag

Set to be delivered in early Januray, the last auto-delivery will contain:

  • Maracuja Concealer (which will be sold on it’s own at QVC starting at the end of this month)
  • LipSurgence Lip Luster in Obsession, a dark pink wine
  • Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Dazzled, a pale pink
  • SmolderEyes Waterproof Amazonian Clay liner in Brown
  • Cream Shadow in Pink Champagne
  • Lights Camera Lashes
  • Double ended liner and shadow brush
  • finishing powder brush
  • Quilted Cosmetics Bag

Jealous?  I can’t WAIT to get mine!  Tarte makes some of the most fantastic kits around.  I am collecting the blushes, and I have been wanting the powder brush for a while.

Speaking of SmolderEyes, it’s almost time for holiday gift shopping giving right?  Well Sephora has a beauty of a tarte kit on sale right now.  This limited edition kit has some colors I haven’t seen before (unless they renamed them) in:

  • Golden Beige
  • Moss
  • Violet
  • Espresso (which bears a striking resemblance to the brown above but well…)
  • Smoke
  • Golden Black

$39 for six pencils makes them $6.50 each!  A steal in anyone’s mind.  I ordered mine, did you?

Happy shopping!



Shine on!

It’s a foggy day here in San Francisco, but as usually, my nose is shining like Rudolph on Christmas Eve.  What is a beauty to do?  Besides the obvious, careful skin care and cleaning and makeup, I have been on the hunt for the perfect mattifier to combat the shinies.

Over the last 6 months, I have tried several, and I’m here to report back to you what my likes and dislikes are.  First of all, I’ll preface this by saying that many moons ago I sold Mary Kay and used the Oil Mattifier extensively and loved it.  I still think that this is a great silicone based product, so if you have a MK rep, please do give it a shot.  $15 for .6 oz is a great price, and the ingredients are very similar to all of the other products listed here.

So, without further fanfare, in order of my personal favorites, and a review:

  1. Mally Poreless Face Defender – this is a solid silicone gel, which diffuses the look of pores and fine lines and gives you a matte finished look.  The unique consistency of this product stops the oil but doesn’t build up like a powder.  This was the longest lasting, for about 4 hours.  $40 for .46 oz solid.  Silicone based.  **Hot news** At press time, there is a Liquid Face Defender debuting on QVC.  So, if you prefer a liquid demattifier, this is my recommendation.  I will review it as soon as I have it in my hot little hands!
  2. Laura Gellar The Matte Maker - is my #1 powder mattifier.  It’s the easiest to carry around, because it’s in compact (though Mally has a travel version which I just got, which is going right in my purse).  The Matte Maker is a light, translucent powder that reduces shine and creates a matte finish.  At first, I thought this looked to powdery on my nose, but it absorbed quickly and lasted about 2 hours.  The key ingredient here is Calcium Carbonate (yes the same thing you take every morning to keep your bones healthy!) which absorbes oil.  The only thing I don’t like is that it also contains Talc, which can clog pores and is powdery.  $22 for .37oz compact of powder.
  3. Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte finish is a creamy gel that claims it has “Microsponge” technology to absorb oil.  Like any silicone based product, it does absorb oil.  This is a great value because it’s 1 full oz for $21 (on sale for $15).  I’ve tried a few Paula’s Choice products and they are as good as any other skin care line and the price point is much better.  Worth a try if you are looking for a new brand.
  4. Evil Shades Matte Silk – another favorite deslick powder, it’s power is Rice powder, as well as silicone.  The combination absorbs oil and doens’t sit on top of your pores like talc based products.  This is the best value, at $10 for a 20 gram jar.
  5. tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder – is not a specific demattifer, but I love the duel purpose of this product.  It contains Amazonian Clay (or Kaolin clay), which is said to balance dry skin as well as oily skin.  I really love this product, and the only reason it’s not high on this list is that frankly, it didn’t demattify for long enough.  However, it is my #1 finishing powder!  $28 for .32oz powder.  Clay based.  My only negative comment about this product is that it is not very portable.  It’s a larger jar, and while the top has a great delivery system, you need a brush and it’s bulky to carry around.

Honorable Mention:

Urban Decay DeSlick in a Tube – This lightweight gel is more of a liquid than the Mally, but it operators on the same premise.  The Silcone based gel absorbs oil and creates a barrier.  I would probably like thismore if it wasn’t so expensive – this tiny tube lasts a long time, but it’s much less product than the Mally.   $28 for .67 oz.  Silicone based.

I actually like all of these products, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Mally Poreless Face Defender.  It is a different delivery system, so if you’re put off by the solid gel, and prefer a powder, try the Laura Gellar Matte Maker.  If you’re looking for a multi purpose product, go for the tarte.

    At all costs, AVOID the ELF matte powder.  It was a total waste of $3.

    There are hundreds of marrifying products out there, but in genearl I feell that the liquid or gels are more effective as powders, particularly talc based powders can settle on top of the sin defeating the pourose.  Multi tasking products such as primers that control oil are fantastic alternatives since they do more than one thing.  Try to avoid any products that have talc or Zea Mays (cornstarch) in them since these sit on top of the skin and can clog your pores.  Zea Mays is often used instead of talc as both a filler and an oil absorbing ingredient, but it is known to cause or irritate acne prone skin.  It also is a hot bed of fungus and other ickies when it gets wet.

    *I did not inclue Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil in this category as it is a finishing powder that is primarily contains Zea Mays.  While I do use this product, I dont’ believe that is is an oil mattifier.

    Your reputation won’t be tarnished with these!

    Blackmail, Busted, Caught on Tape, Wardrobe Malfunction

    I love lipgloss.  We have a close, personal relationship!  In particular, I love Buxom lipglosses, MAC lipsticks, and Stila Lip Glaze.

    But, there is a new kid on the block!  Well new to me anyhoo.  First, let me start by telling you how obsessed with tarte’s lipstains!  There are three different lines of the LipSurgence lip products: Natural lip luster, Natural lip tint, and Natural Matte lip tint.  I have to say, the matte has a staying power that really holds up to the word stain.  I put on HOPE this morning, had coffee, at a peace, and ti’s STILL there!  The luster is more of a true gloss, and wears off easily but I love the feeling of it.

    All three have a delicious minty feeling and taste, and are formulated to provide moisture your lips.

    So with that said, I am happy to announce that the Bare Escentuals Buxom franchise is back with another new proudct!  This one seems like a great combination of my favorite Buxom Lip Glosses, and the Buxom Lip Sticks (in a pencil).

    The Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnishes claim to be a lip plumping and moisturizing lip stain.  Hrmm sounds familiar right?  Didn’t I just describe tarte’s lipsurgence?  Well yes, but…wait there is more!  Buxom’s primary franchise is the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish, those tingly little lipglosses.  Then, there are the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks, a lipstick in a pencil with that same Buxom tingle.  But now, there are the Lip Tarnishes!


    According to the company,

    Buxom® Big & Healthy™ Lip Tarnish takes color to a new level. It tints like a stain, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a balm, and plumps like nobody’s business. Your full color and shine isn’t going anywhere. Lips remain soft and supple thanks to an infusion of emollients and vitamin E for lasting moisture. The cooling and tingling sensation reminds you that your pout looks plumped to mega-proportions. A built-in sharpener keeps your creamy pencil perfectly prepped for whatever shenanigans arise.

    As with any Bare Escentuals product, there are no parabens, phalates, or other ickems.  The first four colors are all very different, and I think I might be in love!

    • Blackmail is a blackberry black cherry purple
    • Busted – a bold red I’m proud to wear
    • Caught on Tape – A bright fuscia in the tube
    • Wardrobe Malfunction – a 60s pop of bubblegum pink

    I adore lip products that moisturize and feel good, but also pack color punch.  That would be why I am growing my collection of the tarte lipsurgances.  The matte versions of the tarte product last for quite a while on my lips ,but are still moisturizing.  The glossy versions don’t last but are also moisturizing.

    The Buxom version does pack a mighty wallop of color.   The darker colors really do stain, and last for several hours.  They are also moisturizign and feel great on your lips, with that tell tale Buxom Tingle.  Plumping?  Well maybe not.

    I love these new sticks, and for $18 compared to the $22 tarte price tag for the same amount of product, these are a great addition to you lip arsenal.  My only complaint is that the bulky built in sharper makes the pencils unbalanced and can be difficult to control.  Take the sharpener out, and it’s a compact pencil perfect for your purse.  I just wish they came in a twist up instead of a pencil you need to sharpen, because you really waste a bit of product trying to get it to a place you can apply.

    I can’t wait to see more color selections of these!  They are not a replacement for the Buxom lipsticks, which really are lipsticks and quite opaque, but rather a long lasting more pigmented gloss in a stick.  Winner winner!

    You won’t be disappointed.  These are a Sephora exclusive, so get down to one and try today!  Don’t foreget ot use ebates (affilliate link)  to save 4%-12% (amount varies).

    Happy Glossing!


    Feeling Fiendish

    I hate to admit it, but I don’t even watch True Blood.  But when I saw this collection come out, I knew I had to have it – because I am a True Believer.  In tarte that is!

    Tarte Cosmetics was founded in 1999 by Maureen Kelly, who wanted to find healthy, good for you and fabulous cosmetics.  With its high performance naturals, no parabens, phthalates, or other unpronounceables, I love that tarte is good for you and good for the earth.

    This collection is simploy stunning.  With 17 full size shadows in a rather Jean Paul Gaultier-esqe leather case all laced up, i’ts a steal at $52 (normally 10 pan palettes are $44).  Included in the kit are a trial size lifted natural eye primer, a full size blacker than black emphasEYES aqua gel liner, and a mini lights, camera, lashes mascara.  Have I mentioned that this is my go to mascara right now?  Love it!  These little beauties include the Amazonian Clay in the shadows, and they work double duty healing and treating as they beautify you.

    These colors, like all in the tarte line, are packed with pigment, and rich and creamy, gliding on the skin.  My only fault with them is that, like many pressed powders, you waste a lot of product because they are quite loosely packed, and one swipe releases entirely too much shadow from the pan.  I feel like I will wear through these very quickly because there is too much waste.

    However, while wearing them, VA VA VOOM!  I went for a toned down vampy look today at the office:

    Starting with Maracuja Concealer in Medium, I spot concealed some less than desirables.  This product is ridiculously full coverage.  I think the color is a bit off for me, and I might switch it up to light for my next TSV (Glow your Way to Gorgeous QVC link and REVIEW).  This is a point of contention for me, because the medium foundation is the right shade, and the shade of the other concealer – Calming Concealer – that I use is light.  But more on that later.

    I also used a touch of Calming Concealer in light around my eyes, because I wanted to test them against each other.  The Maracuja concealer is both creaseless as it promises, but all full full full coverage.  The calming concealer is more like a foundation stick and has little staying power or coverage.  Too bad.

    NExt up, the Full Coverage Amazonian Clay Foundation from the 8th Wonder TSV, dotted on, then blended with the famous brush to get that airbrushed look.  I finished my face with Smooth Operator finishing powder.  I love the powder for the poreless airbrushed finish, but I must say I am disappointed it did little to control the oil well on my nose.  For that I rely more on Mally’s Poreless Face Defender, since a little dab’ll do ya for hours.

    On the eyes, I started with the lifted natural eye primer with Firmitol eye primer to lock those shadows on.  I am still playing with tarte’s other primer, the Amazonian Clay Eye Base, but I think lifted has won this celebrity death match round.

    First up, Dusk from last to crease, a medium beige flesh tone, with Fairy, a pale pink frost, to highlight.  Glamour Me, an intense purple went in the crease and outer V, blended out with Dusk and followed by Werewolf, a deeper brown.  I used Urban Decay Corrupt to line – my all time favorte brown bronze liner – and lights, camera, lashes to complete the look.

    On my cheeks, I used Park Avenue Princess bronzer to shape my face, followed by Blushing Bride Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush and let me just tell you, a TINY bit goes a HUGE way!  I packed on a bit too much and had to dust it off a bit.  This is a deep dark rose color that gives you a gorgeous summery flush if you use it right.

    On my lips, I started with Lipsurgence matte in Envy, a nice rose color, followed by True Blood Red.  I cna’t tell you how much I adore these!  Envy, and all the mattes, stay on for hours without drying my ilps out.  The shiny lipsurgences don’t have much staying power but feel fantstic on and look great.

    All in all, this is a huge value, and I suggest you run to your nearest Sephora, or order on line at Tarte before they are gone.  Otherwise, you might have to take a bite out of someone…

    Happy glossing!


    From top, left to right

    Row 1:  The Light, Fairy, Dusk

    Row 2:  Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Nocturnal

    Row 3:  Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake

    Row 4:  Bayou, Telepath, The True Death, Immortal

    Row 5:  Moss, Legend oops!  Missed that last one!

    POW! BAM! ZAP! tarte is having a sale!



    The long holiday weekend may be over, but you can still celebrate!  Didn’t get what you wanted on QVC this weekend?  Check out and pickup some of your favorite beauties!  Just pick out your favorites (True Blood excluded, sorry) and use code FRWRK at checkout.

    I think I might grab a couple more 12 Hour Blushes or maybe some Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer!

    A Glowing tarte

    If you have read my blog at all, or my facebook posts, you know that it’s no secret that I love tarte cosmetics.  I love everything about them, from the cheek stains to the Amazonian clay blushes.

    Recently, I was lucky enough to pick up a new kit from QVC on preorder, which has more delicious goodies in it!  This kit won’t be on the air until this weekend, but the Glow Your Way to Gorgeous Collection is – just – gorgeous!

    The Glow Collection contains:

    What is it: An eight-piece color collection featuring waterproof and long-wearing must-haves designed to give you everything you need to glow your way to gorgeous as you discover the skin-balancing benefits of tarte’s blend of Amazonian clay and nature’s miracle–pure maracuja oil.

    With this convenient Auto-Delivery plan, receive your first set promptly, with new sets in seasonal colors arriving in October 2011 and February 2012, for a total of three shipments, as long as you remain in the program.

    This kit contains:

    • Maracuja Creaseless Concealer – this is a new product, and is QVC only until next year.  It’s much different than the Calming Concealer, which comes in a stick.  While I like the texture of the Calming Concealer, it really doesn’t provide great coverage.  This new Creaseless Concealer however, is thick and rich and covers it all.  It’s based on the \wonder child of the Amazon, maracuja oil – or passionfruit oil – which is said to have properties that will make you look like Marilyn Monroe.  Or at least they tout it as such.

    While I really like this concealer, it is SERIOUSLY full coverage so be prepared.  I ordered Medium because that’s what I wear in tarte foundation, but it might e a touch dark.  I will keep playing with it.

    • 12-Hour Wear Clay Blush in Peaceful, a soft rose.  I currently own three of these blushes and i love love love them.  I have the Glisten, form the first 8th Wonder of the Amazon collection (a previous AD shipment), and recently purchased Blushing Bride and Blissful recently.  Love!
    • Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Shadow in Shimmering Taupe – I haven’t used any of tarte’s cream eyeshadows, I’ve been playing a lot with otehr brands recently.  I’m still trying to work with them, but I really like this one.
    • Amazonian Clay SmolderEYES eyeliner in Fig, a plum brown- WOOO!  a perfect perfect purple brown.  It doesn’t budge!  I love the shade, it shimmers with gold light, and is a deep plummy brown.
    • Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara in Black- this is my GO TO mascara so i’m happy to have a back up!
    • Lip Luster in Sweet, a peach pink-I now own four of these!  LOVE!
    • Blush brush
    • Shadow brush
    • Sharpener
    • Makeup bag

    You have the option of ordering this on Auto-Delivery, which will bring you new collection sin October and February.  I always order on AD, because I never want to be the odd man out if I miss a collection!  You can of course, cancel or delay a shipment at any time.  You can also return it if you hate it, and still get the next shipment.

    This kit has a retail value of over $150, so to get it at the preview price of $50 is a STEAL.

    Do you like tarte?  GET IT!  Get it NOW!  You won’t be sorry!  The single shipmen PREVIEW is $49.92  Auto Delivery is now, October and February.   The regular item is HERE.  Happy glossing!

    PS did I mention that you get a Park Avenue Princess Bronzer and a deluxe sample of the tarte Maracuja Oil too?  Yeah.  Well you do!


    Pictures of looks soon but for now, here is the kit:

    tarte Glow Your Way To Gorgeous TSV

    From top to bottom: SmolderEYES Fig, Shimmering Taupe cream shadow, Park Ave Princess bronzer, Peaceful Blush, Sweet LipLuste




    Sweet LipSurgence

    Shimmering Taupe Cream Shadow

    SmolderEYES in Fig

    Peaceful 12-Hr Amazonian Clay Blush