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Bare it all!

Hi!  Long time no see.  The last 6-8 months has been a roller coaster of emotions, crazy, and all out nutty things.  But I’m going to do my level best to keep you informed on my favorite products at least a couple of times a month!  Thanks for being my loyal fans and keep thinking beautifully!

bareMinerals - Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation
BareMinerals BareSkin Serum oundation launched on QVC earlier this spring, with a limited color selection and a fabulous new brush.

BareMinerals says:
A breakthrough tone-correcting mineral foundation and skincare serum in one.   Created with exceptional purity in mind, this ultrathin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin while delivering a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance. Made with the bare minimum ingredients and formulated without water, oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. 

When I first bought this product, I wasn’t so sure if I would like it.  I am not the biggest fan of the original BE foundation (I know, blasphamy!) but I adore almost everything else they made.  But a liquid?  Wow!  I prefer a liquid foundation, simply because I find powders for the most part settle in my skin and accentuate my wrinkles and odd spots – something that I”d like to avoid.

But so many liquid foundations are thick, and not so special  This is different.  After using this foundation for a week, my skin actually feels smoother, silkier and just plain better.  They really mean serum when they say serum!

When it comes out of the bottle, it really doesn’t look like much.  It’s thin, and is almost waterlike.  You have to shake up the Bare Skin Serum foundation bottle really well to ensure that the color pigment mixes with the elixir ingredients.  Lightweight, ultrathin liquid that glides on like silk, I find it gives you light to medium coverage – but it’s very buildable.  The best part about it, is that you use such a tiny amount ot achive this goal.  Two drops for each side of your face, maybe one more drop for the forehead & chin.  This bottle will last you forever!

One of my favorite things about this producft is that I did not wear primer with it.  I first tried it with my favorite primer, but I found that I can skip this step and I don’t miss it.  I do however recommend that if you have oily skin that you use an oil control product on your trouble spots (for me it’s my nose) to help control any shine through.  I also used a pressed powder to touch up during the day, but you could easily use mineral veil.  This was just to blot my oily spots (also love the Mally Poreless Defender).  I put this on at 8am, and it looked amazing at 9:30pm when I got home!


The new brush is very similar to the Tarte Colored Clay foundation (review next) except for one key difference:  This densely packed small angled brush has a small well in the middle of it.  That’s where you put the foundation, which sinks in to the bristles of the brush.  This is important because it helps you to distribute the foundation evenly.

Bottom line?  LOVE THIS!  QVC has a limited shade selection of the Bare Skin Serum Foundation right now, but Sephora & BE boutiques launch on May 1st with the full color selection.  I currently have Bare Linen, which is a bout half a shade too light for me, but as summer comes, I will probably move to Nude or a similar shade.  I hightly recommend you visit a counter to color match, as it’s tricky to do a side by side with your current BE foundation.

Rating:  A-

Loves:  Skin treatment, with soothing bontanicals and skin brightening ingredients.  My skin feels BETTER after wearing this foundation; and it’s the only change I’ve made in my treatment.  Smoother, silkier, and clearer.  Buildable coverage that you can layer with your favorite concealer or primer.

Check it out!


Cho Bo Yang BANG!

I am learning to LOVE BB Cream!  Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, or Beblesh Balm, the Asian skin cream craze has reached the shores of the US.  Both Asian brands and American brands like Smashbox and Cliniuqe are latching on to the trend, launching products here in the States.

It looks like it was originally created in Europe for dermatologists to heal heal patients, smooth and sooth sensitive skin, and provide coverage for scarring after procedures.

Now, many BB creams promise to be your moisturizer, foundation, treatment and sun protection all in one

Clearly there are some that are better than others.

This BB cream, the Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream claims to contain 3 precious ingredients like Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Velvet and Pure Gold.  Now I’m not sure how you can put VELVET in a cream, but it does say it creates bright & radiant skin.

I ordered the No. 2 Calm Beige, and while commenting on the Missha Facebook page, they generous sent me a travel size of the No. 1 Natural Beige, since I wasn’t really clear on which color would work.

This cream is a thick pale beige, with a slightly beige cast to it.  however, once you pat it on your skin, it give excellent coverage and blends to match your skin tone.  I actually didn’t feel like I needed a concealer after wearing this!

I scored on this product, because itw as on a flash sale for $9.99.  Because it was my first order, I also got a free Perfect Cover BB Cream.  I had previously ordered one of these, and liked it but it wasn’t my fave (review on that later).

I didn’t find any noticeable fragrance, which is important for me, and I like the light feeling while providing full coverage.  This BB Cream also gives you 30+ SPF which is important for keeping your face young and beautiful.

This provides excellent coverage, smooths and evens skin tone, and is a great base.
Go forth and shop!  Enter my email ( when registering and I get 5% off, so I can try more BB Creams and share with you!
Stay tuned for reviews of the following BB Creams that I currently own:
Missha Perfect Cover
Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function
Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm VIP Gold Collection
Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm (sample)
I would also like to try:
Clinique Age Defense BB CReam
Boscia BB Cream
Smashbox BB Cream
MAC BB Cream
Maybelline BB Cream
and a few more
Happy Covering!