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Winterize your skin!

Over the past two years, I have worked very hard to regulate my skin . I’ve had some issues to be sure, including flaky patches, sensative red skin, bumps and you name.  So, finding a skin care routine that actually works for me was crucial.

I recently switched to my winter moisturizer, but wasn’t happy with the way the Miracle Worker from Philosophy was working any more.  It had been great for a while, but just got to be too much.  Mind you, I love that product, but your skin is alive, so your needs changed.

Enter Algenist.  Algenist is a skincare brand that actually was created by happenstane, when a biotech company was researching alternative energy sources here in my hometown of San Francisco.  Mysteriously, the workers who were working iwth the algae that was the source, had hands that looked 20 yeras younger than the rest of them!  What was this amazing thing?

Enter Alguronic Acid.  This miracle ingredient has shown amazing promise in cell regeneration.  The natural process of shedding old damaged cells so that you can grow new, healthy skin cells is no mystery.  However, Alguronic acid showed the ability to stimulate this regrowth by 55%.  This puts them well ahead of both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, which are very powerful and until now, the most advanced anti aging ingredient on the market.  The promotion of these new, healthy skin cells is paramount to anti aging.

Enter my new favorite moisturizer!  The Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer promises to restore skin moisture, rebuild firmness, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and regenerate your skin.  The Alguronic acid works in conjunction with Vitamin C, to boost radiance, increase cell regeneration, and give you a more youthful appearance.

Well!  That might be a tall order, but I am here to tell you, I love this product.  First of all, there are no parabens, sulfates, phtalates or any other ickies.  Next, it really does what it says it will do.

My skin in the winter becomes the Sahara desert.  I am contantly combatting dry flaky cheeks and dull tired looking skin.  When I first started using this, I figured, ok I’ll give it a shot.  But within a week, my skin looked brighter, was absolutely moisturized, and the crinklies were less noticeable.  I love the way it makes my face look!  It’s smoother, balanced and just looks better.  At 40, I need all the help I can get!

At $90 for 2oz, it’s pricy, but I am happy to spend more money on something that works.

Have you tried Algenist?  What products do you like?

It’s the truth!

Here we are, in Mid May.  It’s hard to believe that time has flown so fast!  Winter is waning and Spring and Summer are trying to come out to play. If your’e like me, winter can leave your skin a bit dead and dull, needed a bit of a pick me up.  Or perhaps you always need a little boost for your skin.

In a recent Test Tube, I received a large sample size (.5 oz) of the Ole Hendrickson Truth Serum Collagen Booster.  This vitamin C complex is said to helps smooth out lines and wrinkles and prevents further damage. It’s also loaded with antioxidants to fight off those nasty free radicals that make our skin look not so nice.

Can I just tell you, I love this serum!  It’s actually more like orange juice for your skin.  It’s not heavy like many serums, and absorbs instantly, leaving a bit of a tingly sensation.  I’ve been using this for a week, and while I dont’ have that many wrinkles to release, my skin is bright and soft, and I do notice it looks perkier.

So what’s the big deal about Vitamin C in skin care?  Vitamin C, and specifically L-Ascorbic acid, has been proven to promote the development of collagen.  Collagen production naturally decreases with age, and sun worshippers can also have a decreases in collagen.  Collagen is what gives your skin that bounce, elasticity, and youthful appearance, which is why as you age, you sage, get deep lines, and loose plumpness.

Vitamin C has also been shown to hep reduce lines, scars, and wrinkles.  I personally use maracuja oil on my hands and some small scars.  Maracuja oil is another potent Vitamin C source.  I prefer the Truth Serum for my face as it’s weightless.  The Truth Serum also has green tea extracts, which also help with aging and damage, licorice extract which evens skin tone, and hyaluronic acid which is a super moisturizer.

I highly suggest you check this out!  I will definately be repurchasing when I run out.  you can find it at QVC, Sephora, and better department stores for $48 per one ounce bottle.