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Shine on!

It’s a foggy day here in San Francisco, but as usually, my nose is shining like Rudolph on Christmas Eve.  What is a beauty to do?  Besides the obvious, careful skin care and cleaning and makeup, I have been on the hunt for the perfect mattifier to combat the shinies.

Over the last 6 months, I have tried several, and I’m here to report back to you what my likes and dislikes are.  First of all, I’ll preface this by saying that many moons ago I sold Mary Kay and used the Oil Mattifier extensively and loved it.  I still think that this is a great silicone based product, so if you have a MK rep, please do give it a shot.  $15 for .6 oz is a great price, and the ingredients are very similar to all of the other products listed here.

So, without further fanfare, in order of my personal favorites, and a review:

  1. Mally Poreless Face Defender – this is a solid silicone gel, which diffuses the look of pores and fine lines and gives you a matte finished look.  The unique consistency of this product stops the oil but doesn’t build up like a powder.  This was the longest lasting, for about 4 hours.  $40 for .46 oz solid.  Silicone based.  **Hot news** At press time, there is a Liquid Face Defender debuting on QVC.  So, if you prefer a liquid demattifier, this is my recommendation.  I will review it as soon as I have it in my hot little hands!
  2. Laura Gellar The Matte Maker - is my #1 powder mattifier.  It’s the easiest to carry around, because it’s in compact (though Mally has a travel version which I just got, which is going right in my purse).  The Matte Maker is a light, translucent powder that reduces shine and creates a matte finish.  At first, I thought this looked to powdery on my nose, but it absorbed quickly and lasted about 2 hours.  The key ingredient here is Calcium Carbonate (yes the same thing you take every morning to keep your bones healthy!) which absorbes oil.  The only thing I don’t like is that it also contains Talc, which can clog pores and is powdery.  $22 for .37oz compact of powder.
  3. Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte finish is a creamy gel that claims it has “Microsponge” technology to absorb oil.  Like any silicone based product, it does absorb oil.  This is a great value because it’s 1 full oz for $21 (on sale for $15).  I’ve tried a few Paula’s Choice products and they are as good as any other skin care line and the price point is much better.  Worth a try if you are looking for a new brand.
  4. Evil Shades Matte Silk – another favorite deslick powder, it’s power is Rice powder, as well as silicone.  The combination absorbs oil and doens’t sit on top of your pores like talc based products.  This is the best value, at $10 for a 20 gram jar.
  5. tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder – is not a specific demattifer, but I love the duel purpose of this product.  It contains Amazonian Clay (or Kaolin clay), which is said to balance dry skin as well as oily skin.  I really love this product, and the only reason it’s not high on this list is that frankly, it didn’t demattify for long enough.  However, it is my #1 finishing powder!  $28 for .32oz powder.  Clay based.  My only negative comment about this product is that it is not very portable.  It’s a larger jar, and while the top has a great delivery system, you need a brush and it’s bulky to carry around.

Honorable Mention:

Urban Decay DeSlick in a Tube – This lightweight gel is more of a liquid than the Mally, but it operators on the same premise.  The Silcone based gel absorbs oil and creates a barrier.  I would probably like thismore if it wasn’t so expensive – this tiny tube lasts a long time, but it’s much less product than the Mally.   $28 for .67 oz.  Silicone based.

I actually like all of these products, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Mally Poreless Face Defender.  It is a different delivery system, so if you’re put off by the solid gel, and prefer a powder, try the Laura Gellar Matte Maker.  If you’re looking for a multi purpose product, go for the tarte.

    At all costs, AVOID the ELF matte powder.  It was a total waste of $3.

    There are hundreds of marrifying products out there, but in genearl I feell that the liquid or gels are more effective as powders, particularly talc based powders can settle on top of the sin defeating the pourose.  Multi tasking products such as primers that control oil are fantastic alternatives since they do more than one thing.  Try to avoid any products that have talc or Zea Mays (cornstarch) in them since these sit on top of the skin and can clog your pores.  Zea Mays is often used instead of talc as both a filler and an oil absorbing ingredient, but it is known to cause or irritate acne prone skin.  It also is a hot bed of fungus and other ickies when it gets wet.

    *I did not inclue Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil in this category as it is a finishing powder that is primarily contains Zea Mays.  While I do use this product, I dont’ believe that is is an oil mattifier.

    Fall in to this!

    Get your selves ready beauties!  August and September are going to be busy months for makeup newness.

    You already saw the Bare Escentuals shows this past weekend.  Well hold on to your hats!  Today is the pre-sale of the Smashbox TSV.  If you’re a Smashbox fan, I’ve been told you shouldn’t miss it!  I’m still on the fence, what do YOU think?

    Smashbox Ready For Your Close Up

    • Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder – I haven’t tried the Halo yet, but people that have seem to love it.
    • Eye shadow quad in On Stage.  A similar trio pictured at right

    • Red Carpet Radiance Palette (MatteFlushShimmerFlushMatteRaspberryShimmerRaspberryShimmerQuartz)

    • Lip glosses in Hot Shot, a shimmery pink, and Idol, a rosy plum
    • Waterproof Shadow Liner to Go chubby pencil in Luminous Fig, a chocolate plum that looks more brown than the tarte Fig EmphaEyes that came in a recent TSV.
    • Halo Baby Buki Brush

    It is a bit of a pricy TSV at $74.94 and I’m still on the fence,  But when you look at the retail cost for Halo ($59) and the Red Carpet palette $42, you are already beyond hte TSV.  Add in the other pieces and the retail value is well over $100.  I”ve seen and read many reviews by other beauty bloggers, and it seems that if you are in to Smashox, these TSVs are not to be missed!

    September 9th Laura Gellar is having a TSV but she’s keeping it pretty hush hush for now.  The Insider says it’s a 6 piece Bake Sale Collection, so I might have to skip it with my other collections but we’ll see as soon as we get pictures!  I have been falling in love with my Laura Gellar Vanilla Nudes kits, and the eyeshadows are to die for!  They are the most pigmented, beautiful things I’ve seen n a while.

    The big news comes with a Mally TSV later in September.  The Mally Defend Your Beauty Collection brings back the travel size Poreless Face Defender (YAY!) my favorite anti shine weapon.

    Also included:

    • **NEW** Face Defender Blushin Pink Perfection.
    • **NEW** Face Defender Highlighter in Gorgois Glow
    • Volumizing Mascara in Black
    • Volumizing Lip Gloss in Flirty
    • Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Black Cherry
    • Evercolor Shadow Stick in Violet – I can’t wait to try the shadow stick!  I’ve been eyeing them for a while, and they seem like a fantastic way to get a waterproof eyeshadow in a great to go format.
    • Preorder: 1 time shipment | Auto Delivery in January & May I actually cancelled my last Share the Love AD so I could get this.
    • September 23rd:  A220348

    More pictures as soon as I get them!  I look forward to sharing the goodies once I get them.

    Don’t forget to use Ebates (affiliate link) to save 2.5% off your orders!


    Happy glossing!

    I’m a little unbalanced…

    It’s true, I admit it – at times, my skin can be…uneven, hard to match, difficult!  I’ve been eying the Laura Gellar Balance & Brighten baked foundation powder for a while, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $30 on another product.  I had planned on using my dollars (a loyalty program) to buy this product in Jyly, but as it happened, Laura Gellar was on QVC over the Memorial Day Beauty extravaganza, and I nabbed a kit that had the B&B in it.

    Regularly priced at $31 for .32oz of baked powder in a compact, the kit I picked up is called “Do the Bright Thing” and included the full size Balance and Brighten, an eye duo, blush, and lipgloss – all of this for $39, and no shipping on the special weekend! Woot!  Since I basically paid for the B&B and maybe half of hte lip gloss, I got a steal.

    This collection claims that it will

    brighten your complexion as well as your day


    Well, ok!  The powder is a baked cream concoction that starts its life in Italy as a rich cream, which is swirled with multiple colors and then basked on Terra Cotta tiles until a solid.  It’s quite unique as you can see, because there are many colors in one.  I am a “regular”,which quite frankly, I thought might be too dark – it’s absolutely a PERFECT match when I swirl my brush over the entire surface.  The lighter pigments brighten and highlight, and the darker pigments cover and pigment.  You can take a smaller brush and use the different areas of the color to do contouring and highlighting as well.  The creamy texture actually feels more like a liquid foundation, and I’d call it medium coverage.  It’s quite luxurious and I just love it.

    Today I wore:

    • Benefit Primed & Poreless
    • Tarte Amazonian Clay Calming Conceler in Medium
    • Laura Gellar Balance & Brighten in Regular all over face
    • Laura Gellar shadow in Fresco Pink from lid to brow
    • Laura Gellar Eye Rimz in Mystic Sea, first wetlined with BE Weather Everything, then smudged

    This is a great value if you are interested in trying Laura Gellar so hop to it!

    Please excuse my lack of lipgloss! I wasn't awake yet...


    Happy glossing!