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Are you Ready to win?

I love BlogHer.  BlogHer is a network of women writers, bloggers, and readers, that focuses on empowering us to build a community around what we read, write, and talk about every day.

As a BlogHer reader, and also a member I occasionally get access to review products, but I also get access to read about other people reviewing products.  Sometimes these are sponsored, but most often is the best women writer search engine out there!  By searching in BlogHer for “Bare Escentuals Ready”, I cam across a promotion that several bloggers are running, in which you can enter to win a Ready Duo.  Since I am working on building my collection, I am writing about this amazing opportunity to win a duo!

Several bloggers are participating, and you can enter to win too!  Part of the fun of this contest is that I get to find new bloggers to add to my list of must reads, but also, community in blogging.  BlogHer allows me to network, learn, and…hopefully win!

To enter, check out

Fab 50 Review


Big Mama 


Raising Colorado