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Balance & Brighten

A Star is Born!

I admit it,  am powerless against the draw of a TSV!  When I first read about this Laura Geller kit, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to invest my money because I have so much Balance & Brighten, I could open a store.  But, when I looked at the gorgeous blush and the eye primer, I couldn’t resist.  This All Stars kit was designed for the Geller Girl who has everything already, and wants to pump it up.

In this kit, you get:

  • Champagne Spackle, a primer with a light glow
  • Balance and Brighten, a baked powder foundation
  • Blush and Brighten in Pink Grapefruit, a gorgeous light pink blush
  • Waterproof Eye Spackle
  • Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Amethyst/Starburst
  • makeup bag

Laura Geller is known for her primer, which she named Spackle because it “smooths over” the imperfections on your face and creates a flawless base.  The Champagne version is a light, airy glow, with teeny sparkles.  It’s very similar to Ethereal, which is slightly darker and not as sparkly.  Spackle hasn’t made my Top 5 primer list yet, but I need to play with it a bit more.  I find it very slick and slippery, and not my favorite.  C+

The Balance and Brighten is something I use almost every day these days, and it’s a rich, creamy powder foundation that can provide as little or as much coverage as you want.  I use it over my favorite BB cream for a flawless finish, or on it’s own for a light layer on a lazy day.  If you apply it with a damp makeup sponge, or a beauty blender, you get more of a creamy medium coverage.   I currently use Fair, but generally I am Regular (Medium).  The great thing about this product is that there are many colors in one, and you can pick out the colors you need or swirl them together to provide a multi toned product. A-

The Pink Grapefruit Blush and Brighten is gorgeous!  I love this color and I had seen it in another kit at Ulta and was looking all over for it.  This is not a full size, but it will still last you forever.  It’s a pretty bright pink in the pan but when you dust it on the apples of your cheeks, it is a sweet, natural flush.  Remember, a LITTLE goes a long way here!  A

One of my favorite items in the kit is the Waterproof Eye Spackle.  I am constantly looking for the perfect eye primer, as I have super sensitive eyes and many products don’t work for me.  Until recently, Too Faced Shadow Insurance was my fave, but recently, it has been causing me some irritation so I had to search for a new primer.  The eye spackle is in a clicker pen, which makes applying it a breeze.  Just a little dab, blended on your eye, will brighten it up and make it look awake and open, while providing a great base.  Use this, and your makeup will stay all day.  The only down side for this, is that sadly, it contains parabens.  Hopefully, they will be eliminated in the future.  B

The last item in this kit is an eyeshadow duo in Starburst/Amethyst.  The marble eyeshadows are always fun because they have so many colors swirled in to the one.  The Starburst is a pink, gold, bronze int he pan, but when you apply it you get a dark gold bronze glow.  The Amathyst is a purple and gold marble, and when applied it is a darker purple with a golden background.  These are girlie colors and the gold really warms them up.  Again, sadly, there are parabens in the eyeshadow.    B

This kit is $55 on QVC right now, and the TSV had an Auto Delivery option that will give us a new color of blush, eyeshadow and spackle in the future.

This kit is a great value, even if you only keep 2 of the pieces.  While I really didn’t need any more Balance & Brighten, it’s easy to sell that to a fellow makeup lover and make this kit worth every penny.  I have become a bit of a collector of Laura’s eyeshadows, because they are simploy beautiful and the marble effect gives you multiple colors in one.

Over all, I have to give this kit a B because several of the products contains parabens.  If they were eliminated, then this would be an A in my book!  The staying power of the blush and eyeshadow is phenomenal, and I love the baked effect.

Happy glossing!


I’m a little unbalanced…

It’s true, I admit it – at times, my skin can be…uneven, hard to match, difficult!  I’ve been eying the Laura Gellar Balance & Brighten baked foundation powder for a while, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $30 on another product.  I had planned on using my dollars (a loyalty program) to buy this product in Jyly, but as it happened, Laura Gellar was on QVC over the Memorial Day Beauty extravaganza, and I nabbed a kit that had the B&B in it.

Regularly priced at $31 for .32oz of baked powder in a compact, the kit I picked up is called “Do the Bright Thing” and included the full size Balance and Brighten, an eye duo, blush, and lipgloss – all of this for $39, and no shipping on the special weekend! Woot!  Since I basically paid for the B&B and maybe half of hte lip gloss, I got a steal.

This collection claims that it will

brighten your complexion as well as your day


Well, ok!  The powder is a baked cream concoction that starts its life in Italy as a rich cream, which is swirled with multiple colors and then basked on Terra Cotta tiles until a solid.  It’s quite unique as you can see, because there are many colors in one.  I am a “regular”,which quite frankly, I thought might be too dark – it’s absolutely a PERFECT match when I swirl my brush over the entire surface.  The lighter pigments brighten and highlight, and the darker pigments cover and pigment.  You can take a smaller brush and use the different areas of the color to do contouring and highlighting as well.  The creamy texture actually feels more like a liquid foundation, and I’d call it medium coverage.  It’s quite luxurious and I just love it.

Today I wore:

  • Benefit Primed & Poreless
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Calming Conceler in Medium
  • Laura Gellar Balance & Brighten in Regular all over face
  • Laura Gellar shadow in Fresco Pink from lid to brow
  • Laura Gellar Eye Rimz in Mystic Sea, first wetlined with BE Weather Everything, then smudged

This is a great value if you are interested in trying Laura Gellar so hop to it!

Please excuse my lack of lipgloss! I wasn't awake yet...


Happy glossing!