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A breath of fresh air!

It’s summer, and it’s time to shake up my skin care routine.  I have been a 2 year fan of Philosiphy’s Hope in a Jar, and I really feel like the combination of products I have been using have helped to change my skin and make it look better, healthier, and younger.  That said, you need to change your products once in a while.

Now, I am a Philosophy Girl, through and through, but I dabble in other skin care lines to see if there is something new or something else.  Yet, I keep coming back to the these products.  Having spent years with no so great skin, I became a Philosophy Girl two years ago when I was suffering from some terrible winter eczema, with dry flaky patches on my skin.  Eek!  After a lot of hits and misses, I found Philosophy and embarked on a face changing regimen of Purity, Microdermabrasion wash, Hope in a Jar, and the Miracle Worker collection. It made a huge difference in my skin.

As my jar of HIAJ got emptied – and let me tell you it took a long time since I bought the jumbo size on sale – I was debating on refilling the same product or trying a new one.  After doing some research, and finding that sadly, HIAJ and Purity both contain parabens, I decided to find a new moisturizer.

Having already run out of my night time staple of The Miracle Worker moisturizer, I started using Maracuja oil as my night treatment.  Heaven!  But more on that later.  So, when Philosophy had a 30% sale (which happens often), I coupled it with ebates, and picked up the Take a Deep Breath Oil Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer.

Oxygen is huge in the skin care industry right now; from oxygen facials to oxygen boosts, and oxygen products, the use of oxygen to ward off free radicals and environmental gunk is a big trend.  Couple this with a Vitamin C treatment (the ultimate in anti oxidents), and you are protecting your skin and keeping it smooth and fresh.

Oxygen revitalizes the epidermis and stimulates cellular growth by increasing cellular proliferation. It will kill surface bacteria, deep anaerobic bacteria and fungus. Oxygen will supply energy to the epidermis and to the dermis, helping to heal any small wounds and irritations. In the dermis, it will help produce collagen and elastin and help restructure the extracellular matrix. Oxygen is a micro nutrient and it will assist with many metabolic processes in the skin. Lastly, it is critical for many enzyme reactions, and the presence of oxygen can often accelerate these reactions.

I love the way this product feels!  It is so light and airy, and yet super moisturizing.  In the summer, you typically want to lighten up your moisture routine since you body is naturally producting more oils in the heat.   This moisturizer is a refreshingly cool, lightweight surge of moisture that absorbs so quickly.   It does feel slightly tacky at first, but that goes away in a minute or two, so you can be ready to apply your favorite makeup.

According to Philosophy:

Take a Deep Breath will breath new life into your skin with take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. this lightweight hydrator detoxifies and helps protect for a healthy-looking glow.

  • helps diffuse energizing oxygen for glowing skin
  • blend of antioxidants helps protect skin against environmental attack
  • provides oil-free, lightweight hydration
  • lightweight gel cream hydrator helps diffuse energizing oxygen to the skin as needed for a a healthy looking glow
  • enriched with a blend of antioxidents to help protect skin from environmental attack
  • oil-free formula leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and comfortable.
There are no parabens in the Oxygen moisturizer!

$34 for 2 ounces but I suspect it will be in a larger format jar or in a kit very soon.  I purchased this via a 30% coupon, which you can get by signed up for Philosophy’s email list.

It’s a Philosophy silly!

philosophy tsv 4/16/2011

I’ve always had fairly decent skin.  I really didn’t take care of it much, and never really had too many problems.  Until recently that is.  As I age, and as I’ve gone off the hormonal roller coast that is The Pill (shriek!  Horror!) I’ve had some nasty side effects like patchy, dry, scaly skin along with an oil slick for a nose.

In steps philosophy, the skin care line that was developed for dermatologists.  My first product was Hope in a Jar last year, which i love, and I recently purchased the Miracle Worker set from after watching a presentation on QVC.  WOWZAH!  After using this set a few times a week for a month, I really see a difference in my skin.  The dry flaky patches are gone, and the overall texture has improved.  So much so, that I recently bought the next step:  the microdelivery peel pads.  These are like mini peels in a pad that refresh and renew your skin.  I’ve only used them once, so stay tuned on that front…

Why am I telling you this?  Well because philosophy is having a Today’s Special Value on QVC this month.  The set includes said Miracle Worker retanoid pads, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, and Miracle Worker Day Cream.  All of this for $96.18.  Since I paid $110 for a set that only had the pads on (which comes with a solution you pour over them), the Miracle Worker Concentrate and the regular Miracle Worker moisturizer (not the spf 55 one this kit has) you are getting the eye cream for free and a bit of a boosted moisturizer.  This is a GREAT deal!  I am going to take advantage of it, even though I still have plenty of my kit left because ti’s a great value.  It’s also available on Sleazy Easy Pay which allows to spread the cost over a few months.  If you’re really in love, you can get it on Auto Delivery, so you only pay shipping on the first order (although I’m not sure about this because my other A-D do charge shipping…ah well).

To order now on presale:

A216295 one time only

A216610 auto delivery

There will be new numbers on the day of the presentation