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Skin Care

A breath of fresh air!

It’s summer, and it’s time to shake up my skin care routine.  I have been a 2 year fan of Philosiphy’s Hope in a Jar, and I really feel like the combination of products I have been using have helped to change my skin and make it look better, healthier, and younger.  That said, you need to change your products once in a while.

Now, I am a Philosophy Girl, through and through, but I dabble in other skin care lines to see if there is something new or something else.  Yet, I keep coming back to the these products.  Having spent years with no so great skin, I became a Philosophy Girl two years ago when I was suffering from some terrible winter eczema, with dry flaky patches on my skin.  Eek!  After a lot of hits and misses, I found Philosophy and embarked on a face changing regimen of Purity, Microdermabrasion wash, Hope in a Jar, and the Miracle Worker collection. It made a huge difference in my skin.

As my jar of HIAJ got emptied – and let me tell you it took a long time since I bought the jumbo size on sale – I was debating on refilling the same product or trying a new one.  After doing some research, and finding that sadly, HIAJ and Purity both contain parabens, I decided to find a new moisturizer.

Having already run out of my night time staple of The Miracle Worker moisturizer, I started using Maracuja oil as my night treatment.  Heaven!  But more on that later.  So, when Philosophy had a 30% sale (which happens often), I coupled it with ebates, and picked up the Take a Deep Breath Oil Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer.

Oxygen is huge in the skin care industry right now; from oxygen facials to oxygen boosts, and oxygen products, the use of oxygen to ward off free radicals and environmental gunk is a big trend.  Couple this with a Vitamin C treatment (the ultimate in anti oxidents), and you are protecting your skin and keeping it smooth and fresh.

Oxygen revitalizes the epidermis and stimulates cellular growth by increasing cellular proliferation. It will kill surface bacteria, deep anaerobic bacteria and fungus. Oxygen will supply energy to the epidermis and to the dermis, helping to heal any small wounds and irritations. In the dermis, it will help produce collagen and elastin and help restructure the extracellular matrix. Oxygen is a micro nutrient and it will assist with many metabolic processes in the skin. Lastly, it is critical for many enzyme reactions, and the presence of oxygen can often accelerate these reactions.

I love the way this product feels!  It is so light and airy, and yet super moisturizing.  In the summer, you typically want to lighten up your moisture routine since you body is naturally producting more oils in the heat.   This moisturizer is a refreshingly cool, lightweight surge of moisture that absorbs so quickly.   It does feel slightly tacky at first, but that goes away in a minute or two, so you can be ready to apply your favorite makeup.

According to Philosophy:

Take a Deep Breath will breath new life into your skin with take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. this lightweight hydrator detoxifies and helps protect for a healthy-looking glow.

  • helps diffuse energizing oxygen for glowing skin
  • blend of antioxidants helps protect skin against environmental attack
  • provides oil-free, lightweight hydration
  • lightweight gel cream hydrator helps diffuse energizing oxygen to the skin as needed for a a healthy looking glow
  • enriched with a blend of antioxidents to help protect skin from environmental attack
  • oil-free formula leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and comfortable.
There are no parabens in the Oxygen moisturizer!

$34 for 2 ounces but I suspect it will be in a larger format jar or in a kit very soon.  I purchased this via a 30% coupon, which you can get by signed up for Philosophy’s email list.

A Vital new collection from IT Cosmetics!

It’s that time ladies!  Summer beauty has hit QVC like a time bomb.  The July insider has all sorts of kits and bits that you really need to check out!

The first one that nabbed my attention is the IT Cosmetics It Cosmetics 5-pc Vitality Color Collection.  You already know that I have a bit of an obsession with these products, as seen by my mad love here.  But this kit is fantastic!  I actually already have two tubes of concealer but how can you pass this up?

For $60 you get a jumbo size Bye Bye Undereye and the dual sided concealer brush. I don’t have this brush, so I’m really looking forward to this.  Right now, I use a soft focus eye brush from BE, which is very similar to the smaller side.  That alone really could be the best deal.  But, like every good ginsu knife commercial, you get so much more!  I waited and waited and waited for the Vitality Face Disc with the Jumbo Luxe Face Brush, and it finally came off of wiat list.  But, given that the face disc and brush was $48, this is clearly the winning combo.

Nab this kit while you can!  You can order NOW ONE TIME or AUTO DELIVERY, with a new kit shipping in 6 months with a different lippie.  If you prefer to wait until the air date on July 27th, you can order ONE TIME or AUTO DELIVERY.t now, in this kit, you get those items as well.  The Vitality Face Disc is a jumbo compact with a beautiful rosy blush, a peachy luminizer, and a matte bronzer.  If you have the My Sculpted Face kit, this is basically the three best parts of that kit with the amazing brsuh. I am such a fan of the IT brushes that I think I’d probably pay $60 for the ginormous face brush alone!  Yes well.  But — you also get the Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quoi.  I have reviewed the lippies before, and this color is my all time fave because even though it looks clear in the tube, it actually becomes the best shade of pink for every gal.

I should have this by Monday and I’ll be sure to review the face disc for you then!
Happy glossing!






Surprise!  Spring is nearly here.  Well, at least I keep pretending it is.  We finally got winter here in Northern California, and it’s cold and rainy.  But here is something to brighten your day beauties!

Tarte will have their next TSV on March 16th.  You can call it an early St. Patrick’s Day present.  In this kit, called Miracle of Maracuja, you will see old favorites and new tricks for your makeup bag.

You get:

  • Maracuja Oil – this is a personal fave.  I use it on my face, but also on my very dry winter skin.  it’ s oozing with Vitamin C so it’s a great anti oxidant and moisturizer.  This is a FULL SIZED product, so you really get the rest of the kit for free!
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara – while this was ousted by the Tarte Gifted Mascara as my holy grail, it’s still very high on my list of faves
  • Maracuja Creseless Waterproof Concealer – yes, we’re still stocked up from the Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kits.  It’s not my favorite for winter, because it’s a bit too dewy, but we’ll see how it holds up in warmer weather
  • Bamboo Blush Brush – this is different than the blush brush that comes with the Amazonian Clay blushes, and it can also be used as a great powder brush.
  • **NEW** Amazonian Clay Beauty in the Box Eyeshadow Quad – One of these boxes is already available at Sephora, and it looks like they are rehashing the Benefit trend.  Jury is still out but I will keep you posted.  This box has Cloud Pink, Silver Mist, Purple Fog, and Dark Ash.
  • **NEW*** Maracuja Lipgloss – we’ve seen these recently in a set on the Q, and this is a color exclusive to the kit.  These glosses match the colors of the cult fave blushes, and this first introduction is Peaceful.
  • **NEW** Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Eyeliner – I’m a fan of the Amazonian Clay liners, so I’m not sure I want a new one, but this is another black liner.  Realy, who can’t have enough black liners?
  • **NEW** Maracuja Airbrush Bouncy Blush – Ok I’m not clear on what the trend in bouncy facial products is, but this is another one, similar to Maybelline Dream Bounce Blush and the new Mally Face Defender Blush.    This is Shimmering Poppy and the color looks beautiful.  THe spring trend is for a POP of color on the cheeks,a n this certainly looks like it will do it.

Single Shipments are available NOW for Insiders, and will be available March16th for everyone else.
The Auto Delivery is available HERE, with kits shipping in July and November with seasonal shades.

I’ve ordered mine and since I just got my big fat payment from Ebates, I upped the shipping so I should get it by Friday.

Holiday VoxBox

First, what the heck is a VoxBox?  The VoxBox is a unique sampling program, run by Influenster, for people that enjoy connecting on social media channels like blogs, facebook, and twitter.  In this holiday VoxBox, I received:

  • imPress Pres On Manicure – hot pink
  • Softsoap  coconut scrub bar soap
  • Montagne Jeaunesse Face Mask
  • NYC Liquid Lip Shine
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum
  • Lara Bar protein bar
So let’s go through the products one by one.
The imPress Press On Manicure, I’m sorry to say, just looks cheap.  It’s a bit of a grown up version of Lee Press On Nails, but I happened to get a hideous color.  It does come in a cute nail polish shaped bottle, but I’d mark this product a D.  If you want to do your nails, DO your nails.  Don’t bother with this.
Next up, the Softsoap Coconut Scrub.  I actually really liked this as a body bar.  I have VERY dry skin and I’m very picky about what I use on my body.  This product was very emollient, and didn’t dry my skin out liek most bar soaps do.  I don’t care for teh Coconut scent, but I do like the exfoliating properties of this body bar.  I will be buying one of the Pomegranate bars to see how I like that.  I would not try this on your face however, but if you want a nice bath bar, give it a shot.
Next up, the Montagne Jeauesse Face Mask.  I actually have NOT tried this yet, because I’m a bit trepidatious about new face products for my ulta sensative skin.  Have you tried this?
NYC Liquid Lip Shine is a HUGE winner here!  I really like this gloss.  It’s not sticky, and super high shine.  It’s a great gloss if you’r eon a budget.  Unfortuantely, because they contain parabens, I will not be buying more of these.  That said, it’s a great gloss for $5.  If you are just playing around and want to try new colors this is a great way to do so.
Mentos Pure Fresh Gum – nothing bad here!  I love Mentos, and a minty gum is great.  It’s like a Mento, but chewy!
Lara Bar – I eat a protein bar every day for breakfast (when I’m not having bacon hehee).  The Lara Bars, like any protein bar, are hit or miss flavor wise, but they are on par with Luna Bars (my current fave(.  Since they are less than a dollar each, they are a great meal replacement.
Happy glossing!

Cho Bo Yang BANG!

I am learning to LOVE BB Cream!  Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, or Beblesh Balm, the Asian skin cream craze has reached the shores of the US.  Both Asian brands and American brands like Smashbox and Cliniuqe are latching on to the trend, launching products here in the States.

It looks like it was originally created in Europe for dermatologists to heal heal patients, smooth and sooth sensitive skin, and provide coverage for scarring after procedures.

Now, many BB creams promise to be your moisturizer, foundation, treatment and sun protection all in one

Clearly there are some that are better than others.

This BB cream, the Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream claims to contain 3 precious ingredients like Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Velvet and Pure Gold.  Now I’m not sure how you can put VELVET in a cream, but it does say it creates bright & radiant skin.

I ordered the No. 2 Calm Beige, and while commenting on the Missha Facebook page, they generous sent me a travel size of the No. 1 Natural Beige, since I wasn’t really clear on which color would work.

This cream is a thick pale beige, with a slightly beige cast to it.  however, once you pat it on your skin, it give excellent coverage and blends to match your skin tone.  I actually didn’t feel like I needed a concealer after wearing this!

I scored on this product, because itw as on a flash sale for $9.99.  Because it was my first order, I also got a free Perfect Cover BB Cream.  I had previously ordered one of these, and liked it but it wasn’t my fave (review on that later).

I didn’t find any noticeable fragrance, which is important for me, and I like the light feeling while providing full coverage.  This BB Cream also gives you 30+ SPF which is important for keeping your face young and beautiful.

This provides excellent coverage, smooths and evens skin tone, and is a great base.
Go forth and shop!  Enter my email ( when registering and I get 5% off, so I can try more BB Creams and share with you!
Stay tuned for reviews of the following BB Creams that I currently own:
Missha Perfect Cover
Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function
Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm VIP Gold Collection
Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm (sample)
I would also like to try:
Clinique Age Defense BB CReam
Boscia BB Cream
Smashbox BB Cream
MAC BB Cream
Maybelline BB Cream
and a few more
Happy Covering!


Super Secret Smart Savvy Sale!

Holy moley! It's that time of year I guess.  Did you know, ebates is having a bday special!
Places like Sephora and Philosophy and are 12% cash back right now!  That's right, your own personal sale!

If you don't know what ebates is all about, just check it out.  No risk to read, right/
You can stack that with a 20% sale is having or use a Sephora coupon if you have one.  Get bare escentuals, tarte, philosophy, more!

With all the newness at Sephora, why not save a few smackers and order it online.


It’s a Philosophy silly!

philosophy tsv 4/16/2011

I’ve always had fairly decent skin.  I really didn’t take care of it much, and never really had too many problems.  Until recently that is.  As I age, and as I’ve gone off the hormonal roller coast that is The Pill (shriek!  Horror!) I’ve had some nasty side effects like patchy, dry, scaly skin along with an oil slick for a nose.

In steps philosophy, the skin care line that was developed for dermatologists.  My first product was Hope in a Jar last year, which i love, and I recently purchased the Miracle Worker set from after watching a presentation on QVC.  WOWZAH!  After using this set a few times a week for a month, I really see a difference in my skin.  The dry flaky patches are gone, and the overall texture has improved.  So much so, that I recently bought the next step:  the microdelivery peel pads.  These are like mini peels in a pad that refresh and renew your skin.  I’ve only used them once, so stay tuned on that front…

Why am I telling you this?  Well because philosophy is having a Today’s Special Value on QVC this month.  The set includes said Miracle Worker retanoid pads, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, Miracle Worker Eye Cream, and Miracle Worker Day Cream.  All of this for $96.18.  Since I paid $110 for a set that only had the pads on (which comes with a solution you pour over them), the Miracle Worker Concentrate and the regular Miracle Worker moisturizer (not the spf 55 one this kit has) you are getting the eye cream for free and a bit of a boosted moisturizer.  This is a GREAT deal!  I am going to take advantage of it, even though I still have plenty of my kit left because ti’s a great value.  It’s also available on Sleazy Easy Pay which allows to spread the cost over a few months.  If you’re really in love, you can get it on Auto Delivery, so you only pay shipping on the first order (although I’m not sure about this because my other A-D do charge shipping…ah well).

To order now on presale:

A216295 one time only

A216610 auto delivery

There will be new numbers on the day of the presentation

I like you! I really really do!

Not be outdone by the ULTA gift, Bare Escentuals has a great “LIKE US” contest right now on Facebook.  They’re giving away 1000 sets of the Naturally Luminous 30 day trial set, which includes:

I have been using the cleanser and the Moisturizer for Dry Skin, and so far I love the way it feels.  I entered too, because I haven’t tried the eye treatment or the Combo Skin moisturizer!

ULTA is the Ultimate!

So, I get about a zillion emails everyday, and several are from makeup companies with the latest trends.

Today, I received this from ULTA, as a part of their 21 Days fo Beauty campaign:



I already use the skincare from Bare Escentuals, and LOVE it, but I’m tempted to order a backup stash, to get my free lippie!  PS if you sign up for the emails you periodically get discounts, and mine came with a $10 off coupon.

You’re such a Tarte!

Just a little follow up on my Tarte foundation review.  As previously reviewed, I loved the TSV, except the Tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing Foundation SPF 15.  I felt that it was too heavy, and too chalky for my skin, and that it might be sucking the moisture out of it.

Kaolin (Amazonian) Clay is a layered silicate mineral, and is known to have a low shrink – swell capacity.  Basically, it won’t absorb or excrete water.

Long story short, I’ve been using a new moisture pack, in the form of Argan oil.  I bought a no name version from Overstock a while a go to see how I like it.  It SAYS it authentic, so I suppose I belive them.  This oil has been wonderful in making my elbows smooth, moisturizing my dry hands, and yes – helping my dry patches on my face.  I started out using it just on the dry patches, but for the last few nights, I used it all over my face.  It absorbs quickly, and isn’t greasy.  Argan oil, from Morrocco, is exceptionally rich in vitamin E and phenols, which are fantastic for your skin.  It’s traditionally been used as a treatment for skin diseases as well.  After several nights using this as an all over moisture pack, my face is much better.  The dry spots are still there, but they are disappearing.

So today, I tried the Tarte foundation again.  I used a few dots all over my face, and blended with my finger, following up with the fabulous brush in the kit.  I have to tell you, the effect is TOTALLY different and I might actually like this foundation now, particularly in the summer when I’m more oily!  it’s definitely more of a full coverage, and I wouldn’t put very much on your dry spots.  But it’s growing on me.

Tarrte Amazonian Clay Blanacing Fondation

Argan oil (any brand, as long as it’s authentic)

Next up in my Foundation Series:

Josie Maran Matchmaker Argan Serum Foundation