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I’m in the nude for…

Bare Escentuals!  Last weekend, BE was on QVC for a marathon of shows.  Included in the QVC exclusive kits was Nude Attitude, a 5 piece neutral kit which include the coveted (and hard to find) Nude Beach Matte eyeshadow.  Also included were a Charbronze Big & Bright eyeliner, In the Nude Matte eyeshadow,  100% Natural Lipgloss in Nude, and Applause Blush, a deep nude canyon color for $36.  Unfortunately, it sold out on the air.  I expect that some of the components will show up again (Charbronze is open stock for example) given the popularity, but I am glad I snatched this one up!

Nude is HOT right now!  You probably know this, but I love my nude kits, including the UD Naked Palette and other nude looks.  They are the easist to master, and are fairly goofproff, as well as great for every day.

This kit arrived a few days ago, and I decided to pop it up a little today with Queen Tiffany Matte, Celestine, and Pretty Amazing in Free Will, a pink nude, with Starr Buxom over it to give it a touch of color.  Healthy Radiance to contour, and the new Advanced Clear Radiance over Golden Fair Matte foundation.  This gives me a nice golden glow, which looks healthy without tanning.

Wowzah!  This could be my new everyday look, with various color changes for the countour crease.

What do you tink?  How do you nude?

  • Nude Beach Matte is a soft sandy matte nude – foiled on the lid.
  • In the Nude is a deep brown nude – in the crease.
  • Queen Tiffany Matte is a chocolate plum nude – in the outer v and over In The Nude on crease.
  • Celestine is a sparkling champagne nude -used to blend.
  • The Sure Thing is an almost matte plum brown – wetlined.
  • Turn On – is a pink nude highlighter – used on browbone and inner corner.


Your reputation won’t be tarnished with these!

Blackmail, Busted, Caught on Tape, Wardrobe Malfunction

I love lipgloss.  We have a close, personal relationship!  In particular, I love Buxom lipglosses, MAC lipsticks, and Stila Lip Glaze.

But, there is a new kid on the block!  Well new to me anyhoo.  First, let me start by telling you how obsessed with tarte’s lipstains!  There are three different lines of the LipSurgence lip products: Natural lip luster, Natural lip tint, and Natural Matte lip tint.  I have to say, the matte has a staying power that really holds up to the word stain.  I put on HOPE this morning, had coffee, at a peace, and ti’s STILL there!  The luster is more of a true gloss, and wears off easily but I love the feeling of it.

All three have a delicious minty feeling and taste, and are formulated to provide moisture your lips.

So with that said, I am happy to announce that the Bare Escentuals Buxom franchise is back with another new proudct!  This one seems like a great combination of my favorite Buxom Lip Glosses, and the Buxom Lip Sticks (in a pencil).

The Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnishes claim to be a lip plumping and moisturizing lip stain.  Hrmm sounds familiar right?  Didn’t I just describe tarte’s lipsurgence?  Well yes, but…wait there is more!  Buxom’s primary franchise is the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish, those tingly little lipglosses.  Then, there are the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Sticks, a lipstick in a pencil with that same Buxom tingle.  But now, there are the Lip Tarnishes!


According to the company,

Buxom® Big & Healthy™ Lip Tarnish takes color to a new level. It tints like a stain, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a balm, and plumps like nobody’s business. Your full color and shine isn’t going anywhere. Lips remain soft and supple thanks to an infusion of emollients and vitamin E for lasting moisture. The cooling and tingling sensation reminds you that your pout looks plumped to mega-proportions. A built-in sharpener keeps your creamy pencil perfectly prepped for whatever shenanigans arise.

As with any Bare Escentuals product, there are no parabens, phalates, or other ickems.  The first four colors are all very different, and I think I might be in love!

  • Blackmail is a blackberry black cherry purple
  • Busted – a bold red I’m proud to wear
  • Caught on Tape – A bright fuscia in the tube
  • Wardrobe Malfunction – a 60s pop of bubblegum pink

I adore lip products that moisturize and feel good, but also pack color punch.  That would be why I am growing my collection of the tarte lipsurgances.  The matte versions of the tarte product last for quite a while on my lips ,but are still moisturizing.  The glossy versions don’t last but are also moisturizing.

The Buxom version does pack a mighty wallop of color.   The darker colors really do stain, and last for several hours.  They are also moisturizign and feel great on your lips, with that tell tale Buxom Tingle.  Plumping?  Well maybe not.

I love these new sticks, and for $18 compared to the $22 tarte price tag for the same amount of product, these are a great addition to you lip arsenal.  My only complaint is that the bulky built in sharper makes the pencils unbalanced and can be difficult to control.  Take the sharpener out, and it’s a compact pencil perfect for your purse.  I just wish they came in a twist up instead of a pencil you need to sharpen, because you really waste a bit of product trying to get it to a place you can apply.

I can’t wait to see more color selections of these!  They are not a replacement for the Buxom lipsticks, which really are lipsticks and quite opaque, but rather a long lasting more pigmented gloss in a stick.  Winner winner!

You won’t be disappointed.  These are a Sephora exclusive, so get down to one and try today!  Don’t foreget ot use ebates (affilliate link)  to save 4%-12% (amount varies).

Happy Glossing!


Happy Anniversary!

That’s right, it’s Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary!  They have been celebrating all year with limited edition sets of gorgeousness, and this time around it is the 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection.  This limited edition palette has 15 all new shades, and it served up in a beautiful metal container, with a filigree cover, in a velvet box.

I am in LOVE with this set!  The colors, like all UD shadows, and silky and finely milled.  They are super highly pigmented and have fantastic color payoff in the darker shades.  Some of the lighter shades are hard to see and are a bit of a let down, but that’s a minor gripe.

This palette is $55, but you can hope for a sale.  It’s currently sold out at Sephora, but still available at Urban Decay.  The all new shades are, from top left down:

Column 1:  Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow, Chase

Column 2:  Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, Deep End

Column 3:  Deeper, M.I.A, ACE, Blackout, Half Truth

I am still exploring Urban Decay, but I am loving the staying power of the products.  From the 24/7 shadow pencils & Liners, to the coveted Naked Palette, they delivery.


Please ignore the double chin…and the frizzy hair.  egads!

Today I wore Midnight 15 all over my lid, with Half Truth in the crease,  I blended out with Vanilla, and used Stray Dog 24/7 liner over MUFE’s Diamond Black Purple liquid liner.

Buxom Lip Tarnish in Busted on lips.

Perfect in green

Today, I am wearing the third installment of the Holiday 2011 Auto Delivery Collection from Bare Escentuals, The Perfect Gift.  In this shipment, you will get, in that cute little hatbox:

  • Tinted Hydrating Mineral Veil
  • Appreciate Blush
  • Enjoy Eyecolor, a golden yellow chiffon
  • Savor Eyecolor, a deep sage shimmer
  • Big & Bright eyeliner in Bronze
  • Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in black
  • Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Courage, a warm strawberry and one of my favorite PAs.

I don’t use the B&B liners, so that was tossed in my swap bin right away.

On my face:

  • Too Faced Primed & Poreless
  • BE Original in Light
  • Summer Bisque as concealer
  • Faux Tan to contour
  • tarte natural eye primer
  • blush and eye colors from the kit
  • Buxom Suede Lashliner
  • tarte Amazonian Clay liner in Shimmering Sage (I think!)
  • Buxom Amplified Mascara
  • Pretty Amazing lin Courage
  • Brandi Buxom

With my golden fair skin and blue eyes, I wasn’t sure that the green tones would for me.  Happily, I love the gold and the green is a nice accent color.

I foiled the Enjoy all over the lid, and buffed it out with Enjoy dry to just above the crease.  Using a small brush, I applied Savor in the crease.  For liner, I started with Buxom Suede lashliner, followed by the sage tarte liner, finishing off with the Amplifed mascara.  I love the way it brings out my eyes!

What do YOU think of PG3?

Back to basics

It’s been one of those weeks, where things get out of control time wise, and I slack off on my daily routine.  That, coupled with TERRIBLE allergies, and I haven’t been wearing much makeup.  Today, I make it a point to do my face and I rather like the results!

First, on my face, I have:

Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer.  I can’t say enough good things about this product; it’s my go to primer right now, and works fabulously with mineral foundation.  It has a touch of color, but just enough to even out my skin tone.  The texture smooths out my fave and make it foundation ready, while controlling the oil slick on my nose. $30 at Sephora + more

Editors note:  Please forgive me.  I’ve been referring to this as Benefit’s P&P!  User error!

Bare Escentuals Original Foundation in Light.  I decided that I really loved the way my face looked after my last Master Class, so I’ve been using more Original than Matte lately.  It adds a glow and lightness to my face.

Laura Gellar Real Deal Concealer in medium.  I’m still trying to decide what is my favorite concealer, but my face felt like it needed a more creamy product today.

Bare Escentuals Blush in Smitten, a beautiful poppy pink.  Just a smidge goes a long way on the apples of my cheeks, swept up tot he hairline and blended.

Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color (AOFC) in Healthy Radiance.  I used this instead of a bronzer, because the color is close to a bronzer but it adds a bit of shimmer.  I blended this in to the blush, and swept it on where the sun hits my face.  Honestly, I was planning on wearing Benefit Dallas, but I couldn’t find it!

On my eyes I have:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  This is my go to eye prmier right now, since it doesn’t make them look dry or cracked, and doesn’t irritate.

I patted on Bare Escentuals Enlightened, a golden cream shimmer color, on my lids, and buffed it up to the brow.  Enlightened is a BE Cares eyecolor, which supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, education and patient services.

Then I added Demure, a medium deep purple in the outer 1/3 of the lid.  This was a color in my latest BE Eye Club shipment, and it’s gorgeous.  But then again, I am a sucker for purple.

For added depth, I added a bit of High Shine Moonshine over the Enlightened on the lid.

Then, using High Shine Vapor (in the pot from the Shimmer & Shine kit, not hte one in a tube) I wetlined, finishing with tarte LIghts, Camera, Lashes mascara (my favorite).

On my lips, I used a touch of Vanessa full color Buxom.


I’m glad I got back to my routine today, because I love the way ti came out.  A bit of sparkle, subtle and work apprpriate.

Happy glossing!

I feel so…tarnished!

Do you see what happens when you read beauty blogs in your spare time? Yowzah!  It looks like the Buxom Babes are up to it again, developing new products so we just can’t say no (or wait for a sale).

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Buxom (A Bare Escentuals Brand) Stay There Eyeshadows, a dry cream formula with high shine that “stays put”.  You are probably already aware of my obsession with Buxom lip glosses.  I might not have them all, but I love them and wear them every day (and night, much to the joy of my significant other).

Now, they creative team behind the brand has come up a new lip product:  Buxom Lip Tarnish Plumping & Moisturizing Lip Stains.  These will be available exclusively at Sephora (as all the Buxom line will be) and are initially priced at $18 with four color selections.  I would bet that in BE Buxom tradition, a smaller version will be available as a set for holiday gift giving.  These little beauties promise to treat your lips royally by tinting them, giving them shine, hydrating them, and well…plumping them.  It IS a Buxom lip product after all!


For pictures and details please see Makeup & Beauty Blog’s reivew.