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Hello my friends, I realize it’s been a very long time since I’ve been around here.  I’m sorry about that, and I miss all of my beauties! 2015 and 2016 have been a struggle for me, personally, professionally, emotionally.

Being of a certain age, often called the Sandwich Generation, I’ve struggled with family health issues and personal mid-life challenges that have just left me drained. My primary blog, where I write about wine, food, travel, and other things related to my (second) career is still going strong-ish, but this one has taken a back seat for too long.

First, a few updates.

1.  Work – I have now been self employed since February of 2014.  If any of you are self-employed, you know the struggles I go through on a daily basis. While things have stabilized somewhat and I have learned a lot, there are still things I am learning – how to balance my hours, how to make enough money, ensuring that I have enough set aside for taxes, retirement, slow months.  Also, cultivating new clients that are not one and done.  This takes an enormous amount of energy and can be both daunting and exhilarating!  I’m not 100% sure where 2017 will take me, but we’ll be on a wild ride.  As of this post however, I have many irons in the fire, and I am excited about what that can mean moving forward.

2.  School – I was recently accepted in to a graduate program, which means 2017 will be crazy busy but in a great way!

3.  Beauty – being self employed, I’ve found myself in a rut of not leaving the house as much as I should and not wearing my beloved make up on a daily basis.  While I still love to use my products, I just don’t put on a face as often as I used to. I also find myself falling in to bad habits.  My healthy lifestyle has vanished, and while i have NO EXCUSE I am not exercising and I am not eating well.  This is changing.

4.  Health – I have rejoined Weight Watchers for the 17th time.  While I don’t always agree with their philosophies, I do believe that at the core it is an excellent way to help teach you to eat well and eat wisely.  I haven’t weighed myself yet but when I do, you will be following my journey.  Right now, I’m just trying to eat honestly and responsibly.  So far I’ve lost 1.5 lbs and I’ve been eating healthy!ier!

5.  Depression – no one likes to admit when they have a problem, the challenges I have faced personally in the last couple of years have turned my somewhat mild Seasonal Affective Disorder in to something more serious.  While I am fortunate and know that I am in control of my own destiny, it is hard to climb out of the black cloud some days.   Some of this is further complicated by changes in my personal life, redefining of friendships, and family struggles.  The overwhelming feeling of being misunderstood and abandoned are never any fun and I’ve been working on changing this.

So in a nutshell, here is what is going on for the new year!

1.  In April, I start school.  I am exhilarated, terrified, excited and freaked out.  But it will be amazing!  You can read more about that on my other blog, Luscious Lushes.

2.  As I said, I’ve started on a journey to improve my health.  I will be posting here about my efforts in the food department, as well as exercise. 3.  I’m determined to do more of what I love in 2017.  While I will be busy hustling to make  a living and going t school, I can still take the occasional acting class, or make pickles, or go no haunted walks.  Taking ME time to do things that bring me joy is a key component of being healthy so I will try to do something like this at least once a month.  I would love to commit to once a week but that’s just too much right now. 4.  Getting out of the house more, I will go back to playing with my pretties.

I just placed an order my beloved Bravon next week (he’s having an amazing special!  Order more than $60, and he’ll send you a FREE concealer and brush.  Just enter “Social Media Promo” in the order notes and add your shade there) and I am going to…gasp…try my hand at video.  I am not promising I’ll pst any of them but I am going to try!

5.  I’m on a quest to expand my circle of friends.  I am lucky to have some fantastic friends that I love very much, but there are times in your life where you change, grow, shift directions.  There is nothing wrong with that, but different stages in life often call for different friendships.  The unfortunate part of growing apart, changing, and reframing who you are is that sometimes friendships suffer and or come to a natural end.  It is often necessary, but never any less painful.

6.  Dating.  Ugh.  Dating is rough for anyone, but particularly for a smart ass, plus sized, brilliant comedianne like myself.  But, I’m going to do something I’m uncomfortable with and suck it up. 2017 will be the year of yes (maybe).  Are you with me?


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