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A wonder-ful value!

Oh dear, I’ve caught it.  I’ve caught new bling-itis!  It’s a terrible illness, where one has to have all the pretty sparkles.

My most recent haul included the Smashbox Wondervision mega palette.  When I first saw this gem, I thought, wow that’s pretty but it looks like many of the colors that I have in the Photo Op Mega Palette that I still have (and sadly, rarely use), so I didn’t jump up and buy it at full retail ($49).  I wanted to see what others were saying, and how the quality was.  Have you noticed, like I have, that so many of the holiday palettes tend to be inferior quality to the regular line?  I continuously am disappointing by sets from other manufacturers that just aren’t up to par.

Smashbox Wonder VisionSo, time passed, and I kept looking at the pretty sparkles.  Then one day, the ULTA flyer came in the mail offering the palate at a sale price of $39.  Well, that made me think. Then a beauty sister offered me her coupon code.  That made it $32.  Well, I could no longer resist the pull of the gorgeous set, which comes with 30 shadows, 3 blushes and a bronzer as well as clear plastic look cards that can be placed over the colors of your choice for easy gorgeousness.

With everything from matte neutral, glimmer neutral, purple, pink, green and blue hues, there is something fro everyone here.  I have been experimenting with the looks and the colors, and going outside of my matte neutral zone with some awesome results.  The Wonder Vision line is Smashbox’s limited edition Holiday 2013 product line, and the mega palette includes

These colors are in Smashbox’s creamy, richly pigmented formula that glides on like a dream.  I was a bit worried about these being the same delicious formula as the Photo Op Mega Palette, and fortunately they are.  They are easy to work with, and can be light and sheer, or deep and rich depending on how you apply them.  What I really love about this palette is that the look cards lay over 4 colors at a time, so you have infinite possibilities and ideas to get you started.  While giant palates can be a bit scary, which WONDERVISION MEGA PALETTEfrankly is why I don’t use the Photo Op one much, these cards make it easy to create looks and play.

I won’t swatch the colors here since I know you all can google.  While this is sold out at ULTA, it is still available at for the $39 price, and if you get a chance to get your hands on this gorgeous palate do it!  You won’t be sorry!



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