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Know your ingredients!

I love skincare, and I particularly love natural skin care.  There are enough chemicals floating around the world, so who needs to add them to our faces, right?  So when I was asked to try some new products that were natural, and minimally processed, I was excited to find Know Your Ingredients.

KYI’s goal is to created natural, simple products that have high impact changes on your skin.
These are some luscious items, and I hope you try them for yourself!


The Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C ($45 for 2 oz) uses a specially formulated vitamin c that is oil-soluble.  Vitamin C is an essential anti oxidant, and a wonderful booster for your skin.  It adds brightness, increases firmness, and helps fend off free radicals.  I absolutely LOVE this product!  I use it all over my body, but especially on my face.  The argan oil we know and love is a fantastic moisturizer, and the vitamin c brightens and firms.  I consider this a combination of Ole Hendrickson’s Truth Serum (which I adore but it’s pricey) and Josie Maran’s Argan Oil (also pricy).  The double whammy impact of this is like BE’s Night Serum, and really gave my travel weary skin a major boost.  Love!
The Sweet Almond Softening Oil is another great moisturizer.  If you suffer from dry skin


(or, as my dermo likes to call it, “pathologically dry”) this is a no brainer.  Say good by to your scaly skin!  I use this every night, and after every shower to lock in moisture.  After travelling in
Europe, where it was still the dead of winter, my skin was dry and not so happy with me.  This oil reversed that, and comes in several aromatherapy scents (or unscented if you prefer).  At $20 for 8 oz it’s also a fantastic value.  Almond oil has long been a trick in natural beauty and health food stores, so it’s great to see it back.  Rich in Vitamin E, it will make you glow!

Finally ,the Whipped Shea Butter Mask is a great way to give your face a super charge of moisture.  You know shea butter, it’s been around for years.  The base ingredient in many of your favorite hand creams, this mask will soften and erase those pesky fine lines.  Once again, it’s a great trick for super dry hands, feet, elbows and any other area that is suffering in the winter dry air.
Thank you Know Your Ingredients for making some fantastic products!  For those of you that are looking for natural and affordable products in your arsenal, check these out.

These products were provided by KNI for consideration, but all opinions are my own.


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