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Feeling flushed!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Yes, I know, it’s a few dats late, but this beauty has been a busy lil blogger!  Last night, I was so very fortunate to spend my evening with several Facebook friends, gushing over some of our favorite makeup peepes.  But more on that later!

I’m here to wish you happiness, health, and vitality.

What is vitality?  Vitality is defined as many things, but in this case, it is exuberant physical strength or mental vigor: a person of great vitality.  Or in the case of a maekup addict, vitality is that certain je n’ai c’est quoi, that oomph, that added life to your fave when you put on a favorite product.

THe IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush is a 4-in-1 Antiaging Lip Stain that was created to not only last on your smakers for hours, but alos to provide anti-aging benefits.  Like all of IT Cosmetics products, they are formulated with uber goodness, containing “Hydra-Luxe” technology – including plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, aloe, and jojoba.  What do they NOT contain?  All the icky things that we don’t wnat on our lips, liek Petrolatum and pthlates, and parabens.

These lippies are made to be a multi tasking product, which treats, hydrates, conditions and nourishes your lips – which inturn minimizes cracked, flakey and older looking lips.  Chuck your lip blam, your lipstick, your gloss and your stain.  These beauties do it in one!  ANd as always, they are jam packed with antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E; acai; green tea; and white tea to help fight free-radical attacks which make you look older.

The colors can be very sheer and natural, or a bit darker and pouty; it just depends on how you apply them.  The darker colors tay put for hours and really are a true lip stain.  The benefit of the LIp Vitality is that they do not dry your lips out.  HOw many times have you tried lip stains that leave your lips dry?  Not these!


        Colors include:
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi, a sheer blam with a hint of pink
  • Damsel – a pale pink
  • Pretty Woman – a deep dark berry in the tube ,but a sheer wash of rose red on the lips
  • Love Story – a petal perfect rich pink berry.


I have been wearing them almost every day to fight these chapped lips with some class, and I love them!  I want you to love them too, so I am giving away a brand new set to TWO people.been wearing these every day and I just love them!
One person will win the Sheer Berries, and one will win the Sheer Pinks.

See below to enter!

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  1. Melody Brown says:

    OOOH…I’ve not tried them…but I’m dieing to try them! Thanks for the op!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:


  2. Davita says:

    I have had this on Q wish for a while, specifically Pretty Woman

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      i seriously LOVE them! wait til you hear about the blushes! Va voom! They are edging out my Tarte addiction!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I want to them because I would love something that does more than 1 thing at a time! plus i LOVE my IT product that I already have ;)

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Ohh Vanessa which one do you have?

  4. Sara says:

    Ooh, fun giveaway! I haven’t tried any IT cosmetics yet!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Oh you should! They are such a treat!

  5. diane k says:

    would love to try this

  6. Gayle Bernicchi says:

    I have been wanting to try IT cosmetics and heaven knows, I totally trust your opinion!!!

  7. Penny Abdalla says:

    I’ve been wanting to try these since you reviewed the eye shadows (pretty smoky, pretty in smoke, err… Something like that.) As always when I read one one of your reviews, I found myself rushing to investigate and ran into these puppies. I have such a hard time finding a lippie that I really like:-(

  8. thinkbeautifully says:

    Penny, I’m happy to enable you! lol
    Gayle I think you would like these!

    Thanks for Reading Diane! I hope you stop by my Facebook page!

  9. Kellie S says:

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this product line. These lippies look right up my alley, color-wise, and isn’t the packaging just adorable!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      It’s a fantastic brand Kellie! Good luck!

  10. karen says:

    I’d love the pinks! They’d suit me so well. I love lippies!

  11. Melissa M. says:

    Those sound great! So many products dry out my lips so badly. They sure are prettier than a tube of Carmex too.

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Ohh carmex is horrible for your lips. It’s addictive and makes them DRIER!
      And yes, they ARE pretty :-D

  12. Liz Piper says:

    Would really like to try these….am always in search of a great lippie that is a multi-tasker!! Thea, you are such an enabler!! Really enjoy reading your reviews and value your opinions!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Giggle Liz I can’t help it – If I love something you have to try it! :-p

  13. Amanda says:

    I have been wanting to try these forever! I have only tried the It brow pencil, I definitely need to try out some more of their products.

  14. edie says:

    these lippies sound so awesome! i have never tried anything from IT and have been wanting to try something! i have to wear a lippie everday cause of my dry lips. thanks for the giveaway Thea!

  15. Alicia says:

    I’ve been dying to try these! I’m always looking for something that keeps my lips moisturized while still giving some color.

  16. [...] But we’re not here to talk about that!  I’m here to give you my review on the IT Cosmetics Vitality Color Collection!  The TSV will be on July 27th, so keep your DVRs tuned in.  As mentioned in my previous post, this collection includes the Vitality Face Disk, Jumbo Luxe Face Brush, Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in a jumbo size that will probably last you all year, dual sided concealer brush, and the Lip Stain in Je Ne C’est Quoi. [...]

  17. [...] I am a bit fan of the full color (though sheer and buildable) IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Stain, and have been known to wear them to bed to keep my lips moist, these go one step further.These [...]

  18. Bridget Mills says:

    Love IT Cosmetics and love to try all new lip products they make!

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      I agree Bridget!

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