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I’m ready for my close up!

So much makeup so little time!  The month of December was a hard one for me, with some personal challenges that made it very difficult to keep up with blogging, and life in general.  Not only was it difficult for me to get motivated to write, but it was a challenge to even put my face on in the morning.  Have you ever had days, weeks, months like that?So, I decided that I”d pick myself up a bit and splurge on a Christmas present that I had had my eye on for quite a while.

Originally a TSV, The Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette is a gorgeous red leather(ette) book, filled to the brim with tons of product.  It caught my eye when it was presented because Holly Mordini is such a creative genius, and because I have not really played with Smashbox a lot.  I wanted to find something that was easy to carry with me, but also offered a lot of choices.

After consulting with some of my beauty loving friends and reading many reviews, I still decided to wait it out.  At almost $100, it was certainly a splurge; it’s not like i NEEDED more makeup right?  But, finally I caved.  I am SO very glad I did!

This huge book of color contains 56 different eye shadows, thought I believe Vanilla is in there twice.  That’s ok by me actually, because it’s a perfect all over color.  Included in these 56 shadows are every one of the 16 unique Photo Op Trios, as well as select shadows from the Smokebox and Softbox eyeshadow collections.

In addition, you get 8 cream liners, 5 Brow Tech waxes, 2 blushes, 3 Softlight highlighters and 4 lipglosses.  WOW!

Today, I used one of the cream eyeliners, which I was a little worried about.  My past experience is that they are messy, and smudge too easily.  But I found that if I use a very thin layer, and close tot he lash line, I get a gorgeous pop of color.  I also used four colors to create a soft but defined eye.  I was not quite awake when I started doing my eyes, and so I completely forgot primer.  That being said, my color actually lasted almost all day.  The staying power on these shadows is amazing!

My favorite thing about this palette is that the shadows are grouped together for you in the Photo Op trios, so it’s easy to keep organized.  Additionally, there is an acrylic film overlay that names the trios and the shadow colors so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for if you’re trying to create a look you’ve seen on the web or in a video.  Genius!  These overlays are sturdy and attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the future, sometime I’ve done with other products.  Ahem True Blood palette.

Admittedly the only downside I see for these shadows at  present is that while they are very richly pigmented and creamy, they are very dusty.  I have a love hate affair with powder shadows for this reason.  A very light sweep over the color and there is fall out ALL over the palette.  What a mess!  When you’re working with several lighter shades and somewhat sticky glosses, I don’t really want my darker shadows shedding over them.

I am pleased to report that there are no parabens in any of the products in this palette.  If you are concern

ed about the cosmetics dirty dozen, you’re safe here!Performance:  B+ because of the immense fall out from the shadows

Value:  A the price for each trio is $28, making the shadows alone $448 to collect them all.  Let’s see…yep!  STEAL!

Design:  A  I appreciate the opportunity to try additional products in this book, and that it has the acrylic overlays to both protect each leaf, as well as explain them.

Verdict:  Don’t delay!  Go out and haul this today!  I’m very impressed with the Smashbox offerings and expect that I will be purchasing more inf the future.  I am verklempt that I missed out on some of the other QVC deals this year since I didn’t know anything about Smashbox, but I don’t intend to miss that opportunity again.  Available now from QVC for $93.48 + S&H (Easy Pay available as well)


Coming up:  I’ll review the Smashbox Halo Finishing Powder.  Hint:  LOVE!


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