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Holiday VoxBox

First, what the heck is a VoxBox?  The VoxBox is a unique sampling program, run by Influenster, for people that enjoy connecting on social media channels like blogs, facebook, and twitter.  In this holiday VoxBox, I received:

  • imPress Pres On Manicure – hot pink
  • Softsoap  coconut scrub bar soap
  • Montagne Jeaunesse Face Mask
  • NYC Liquid Lip Shine
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum
  • Lara Bar protein bar
So let’s go through the products one by one.
The imPress Press On Manicure, I’m sorry to say, just looks cheap.  It’s a bit of a grown up version of Lee Press On Nails, but I happened to get a hideous color.  It does come in a cute nail polish shaped bottle, but I’d mark this product a D.  If you want to do your nails, DO your nails.  Don’t bother with this.
Next up, the Softsoap Coconut Scrub.  I actually really liked this as a body bar.  I have VERY dry skin and I’m very picky about what I use on my body.  This product was very emollient, and didn’t dry my skin out liek most bar soaps do.  I don’t care for teh Coconut scent, but I do like the exfoliating properties of this body bar.  I will be buying one of the Pomegranate bars to see how I like that.  I would not try this on your face however, but if you want a nice bath bar, give it a shot.
Next up, the Montagne Jeauesse Face Mask.  I actually have NOT tried this yet, because I’m a bit trepidatious about new face products for my ulta sensative skin.  Have you tried this?
NYC Liquid Lip Shine is a HUGE winner here!  I really like this gloss.  It’s not sticky, and super high shine.  It’s a great gloss if you’r eon a budget.  Unfortuantely, because they contain parabens, I will not be buying more of these.  That said, it’s a great gloss for $5.  If you are just playing around and want to try new colors this is a great way to do so.
Mentos Pure Fresh Gum – nothing bad here!  I love Mentos, and a minty gum is great.  It’s like a Mento, but chewy!
Lara Bar – I eat a protein bar every day for breakfast (when I’m not having bacon hehee).  The Lara Bars, like any protein bar, are hit or miss flavor wise, but they are on par with Luna Bars (my current fave(.  Since they are less than a dollar each, they are a great meal replacement.
Happy glossing!

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