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It’s Glitzy!

Merry Christmas!  Well ok, it’s a tad early for that, but since all of the holiday kits are out in stores, urging you to get dressed up and put on a glam face, I thought I’d join the club.

I have been a holiday beauty kit shopping fiend lately!  At the Sephora  Friends & Family sale last month, I picked up the Bare Escentuals Putting on the Glitz Kit, and I’m happy I did.  This is a lovely kit, very subtle but sparkly and festive.

This kit is a Sephora exclusive, and might remind you a bit of last year’s Shimmer and Shine.  It contains 10 pieces, for $54.  That right there is a deal, but I nabbed it at 20% off, making it less than $5 per piece.

The items include (swatched at right, top to bottom)

  • Prime Time Primer Shadow in Toasted Almond (iced coffee).  This primer is just a teesy tiny bit away from the Champagne Toast, another personal favorite of mine.  It is just a tad darker and is a fantastic all over eye color, as well as a primer.
  • Glamtastic eyeshadow (warm champagne luster)  This is a glowing champagne tint, but isn’t too sparkly
  • Glitz eyeshadow (smoky plum sparkle) a deep plum purple brown
  • Gorgeous blush (petunia pink) – a big POP of pink!
  • Luxe Radiance AOFC (apricot pink) – this is a bit too pink to be an AOFC for me but makes an excellent blush. If you mix this with Gorgeous you get a baby pink that makes you glow.

You also get a mascara, a Cheek & eye brush and a clutch.  Included are an eyeliner and pretty amazing as well.


The jury is still out on the Round the Clock Eyeliners for me - they are better than the B&B liners, which just slide off my face in a hot mess, but they aren’t as holy grail to me as Tarte  or Urban Decay.

I like the new Pretty Amazing lipgloss, which is a full color gloss as well; this is a pale shimmering pink.


All of this is wrapped up in a sparkly pink bag for you to take with you; this matches the gold theme of all the holiday kits this year, and is a great way to mix and match the 8.0 Readys or the TSV Ready Duo


  1. Denise says:

    I am having some trouble with the eye shadows in this kit. Also the ones in Glamorous Life and the Velvet Luxe colors. It seems like the texture of BE shadows has changed, making them much harder to blend the way I like.

    Anybody else having issues?

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Hi Denise,

      First – The Velvet Luxe is VERY different, and that was intentionally done. They are “velvet mattes”, which means they are more finely milled and silkier.

      I can’t really speak to the Glamour Life as I don’t have that one (yet) but…I don’t notice much of a difference with these vs my other BE. Is it the glittery or all of them?

      And might I ask how you find them different?


      1. Denise says:

        They just seem harder to blend, somehow. Which is not what I would expect from colors supposedly more “finely milled”. I am going to try them without eye primer and see if that makes things easier.

        1. thinkbeautifully says:

          Bummer! I don’t have that issue, but your body chemistry changes over time so it’s totally possible. I actually think that finer milled products are harder to blend in general – but that’s just me.

          Let me know how you make out!

          1. Denise says:

            Back before I discovered primers, I used to just put a coat of bisque under my shadows to help them last longer and not crease. Gonna try that and see if it works better. I’ll let you know!

            Glitz is so pretty in the jar, but really disappoints when I put it on. Even foiled, although at least I can see that it’s slightly purple that way!

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