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Bake sale bake sale! Get your goodies here!

It’s time for another beauty Today’s Special Value!
QVC junkies already know that every month or so…or more often lately, there is a TSV.  They are always screaming values, and this time Laura Geller visits (tonight in fact!) with her famous Baked line of products.

The Bake Sale Collection features her famous Balance-n-Brighten foundation, a swirling baked cream foundation that has multiple shades within, which correct and perfect.  It will also have a Blush-n-Brighten, as well as lipstick, eye trip, brush, and her famous Spackle Primer in Ethereal (a pink pearl).

I preordered mine, but it will go live at the TSV price of $59.76 + shipping, tonioght at midnight ET.  This kit will be on Auto Delivery as well, which means you will get new colors (with the Balance-n-Brighten foundation the only color choice you make) in January and May.

I’ll be doing a review as soon as I get my hot little hands on this number!

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