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Purple is where it’s at!

It’s no secret, I love purple! ┬áToday’s look it a bit sparkly because I’m going out to dinner, and I was in my pjs today working from home.

  • Benefit Primed & Poreless Primer
  • BE Matte Foundation in Golden Fair
  • NARS Illuminizer in Orgasm. I just got this in a haul, and I love the way it’s true to the Orgasm color, but adds a nice rosy glow. I used it to highlight my cheekbones and around the eye socket.
  • BE Glee as blush
  • Two Face Shadow Insurance in Candlelit
  • BE Nude Beach patted all over lid and used to blend
  • BE Water Lily on outer 1/3 of lid
  • BE Midnight Diamond wetlined
  • Buxom Mascara (2 coats)
  • I needed a little more oomph so I added Myth in the crease, and patted more Water Lily in the middle of my lid
  • BE Pretty Amazing in Courage with Buxom Claire over it.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. that’s BEautiful Thea!

    1. thinkbeautifully1 says:

      Thanks Sheryl!

  2. missy silva says:

    Love all the colors on your eyes. I need to learn to play more with color.

  3. missy silva says:

    That’s five colors alone on the eys wow. Unless the insurance wasn’t a shadow not sure what that is.

    1. thinkbeautifully says:

      Hi Missy! Two Faced Shadow INsurance is an eyeshadow primer ;-)
      But I do like to play with color!

  4. thinkbeautifully says:

    and thanks! yeah it’s a lot of fun to play for sure!

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